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Lining and defining your lips is an important and essential step in creating amazing lips. La Bella Donna lip liners enable lipstick to stay within the set territory or the lips so that things like bleeding and fading do not occur as often. Other then providing an excellent seal for lipstick and gloss, the La Bella Donna Lip Liners offer a safer and healthier alternative to other cosmetic lines by being made with all natural mineral ingredients as well. These La Bella Donna Lip Liners are a perfect addition to any makeup bag and work perfectly with any of the La Bella Donna lipsticks or lip sheers for full pouty lips., available here at Skincare by Alana

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About La Bella Donna Lip Pencils & Liners

These lip liners can be used by people with all types of skin. They are not known to cause any allergic reaction as well. The lip liners can be easily applied as well. They can be easily carried along, making them the ideal makeup item for women on the go. The products under this category are also available in a wide range of shades or colors. Apart from the lip liners, you will also get lip pencils and pencil sharpeners. They provide you with complete coverage as well. The lip liners can be easily removed with the regular makeup removers. They will help in highlighting the beauty of your lips. They will also add to the overall seductiveness and beauty of your face.

About La Bella Donna

The La Bella Donna company and line was created by a mother and daughter that both believed that cosmetics should not only offer amazing color and coverage, but that they should also provide a safe and healthy alternative for the skin from other cosmetic products that often include harmful and artificial ingredients. With that belief in mind, the two produced quality, all-natural makeup items. Some of these items even double as sun protection and provide other skincare benefits.


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                AAll of the La Bella Donna lip liners, as well as the rest of the line, can be found at Skincare By Alana. This site is dedicated to bringing top-of-the line, all natural skincare and cosmetic lines to people who appreciate a healthy and quality skincare product in one convenient place. All items made available on the site are hand-selected to ensure effective results for each and every customer. The best thing about the site is not only that there are always deal going on, but that all orders from within the U.S. are delivered to the customer completely free of charge.
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