La Bella Donna Lip Gloss

La Bella Donna Baci Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer


The La Bella Donna Lip Sheers are lightweight, nonstick, color-potent lip glosses that bring a high shine to your lips. Each La Bella Donna lip gloss is available in 13 different colors, ranging from a very light pink (Crystal) all the way to the deep Lilly Legacia, which is a darker pink/rouge. All of these lip sheers are made with natural minerals that are designed to bring out the most of your lip color by providing a shiny, sexy gloss finish to your lips. You can also find the La Bella Donna Baci Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer within the collection at Skincare by Alana

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About La Bella Donna Lip Gloss

Each lip gloss can be easily applied and comes in a compact tube, making it the ideal makeup essential for women on the go. The products under this category are also available in a wide range of shades or colors that can be easily removed with your regular makeup remover. They will help in highlighting the beauty of your lips by covering them with bold and rich shades that require minimal touch-ups.

About La Bella Donna Baci Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheer

This particular lip sheer offers extreme hydration and provides suppler and softer lips. These Lip Sheers are great for a quick fix-up in the middle of the day and can fit easily in any purse or bag. The La Bella Donna Cosmetic line was created by a mother and daughter duo that made combining makeup and skincare a reality with their amazing La Bella Donna products. All of their products are created with natural minerals and ingredients that ensure safety and health for your skin. None of their products include any unwanted ingredients such as talc, oils, FD&C dyes, alcohol, or fragrances either, which is what makes La Bella Donna so wonderful.


Luscious Lips With La Bella Donna Lip Sheers


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