Glo Minerals Tools

Glo Minerals Tools

Even though the primary goal is to get makeup that looks fabulous, there’s often a lot more to it than that!  Brushes need cleaning, makeup needs storing, pencils need sharpening, and more!  GloMinerals Tools allow you to do all the things with makeup you need to so you can focus on what matters the most - looking gorgeous!

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Glo Minerals  


GloMinerals has a full line of tools that works with it’s makeup so you get the most out of the GloMinerals line.  


GloMinerals Brush Cleaner purifies your brushes, allowing them to flawlessly apply makeup every time.  The anti-bacterial formula removes buildup and leftover makeup, purifying the brush  in a matter of seconds.  Available in a refillable spray, GloMinerals Brush Cleaner should be used regularly to avoid contaminating your complexion with bacteria and lengthen the life of your brushes.


The GloMinerals Pencil Sharpener works with GloMinerals eye and lip pencils to give you a perfectly precise point for perfect liner application every time.  Whether you’re looking for an ultra-thin, precise line or a thicker, smudgier look, the GloMinerals Pencil Sharpener is a must-have accessory to your makeup collection.


GloMinerals Blotting Papers absorb excess oil from the skin to reduce unwanted shine and provide a flawless, matte skin surface.  At the same time, it promotes long-term clarity and reduces blemishes and breakouts.  Keep it with you to reduce clogged pores and provide a beautiful, smooth complexion.  It’s particularly effective on the t-zone and chin.


The GloMinerals GloRoyal Lip Crayon Sharpener works with GloMinerals Lip Crayons to hone in the tips for easy application.  Use them the sharpener for to help you get a thin line or full coverage.  


No matter the job, it’s always important to have the right tools for it.  Get the right tools with GloMinerals.  GloMinerals tools include everything you need to make the most of your GloMinerals makeup.


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