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A special body product, the Epicuren Embrace Home Gift care set is the perfect customized all natural body gift set for your wife, girlfriend, spouse, lover who is obsessed with the day spa approach. The scent will seduce you into the bath tub and force you to relax!

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Epicuren Embrace


The Epicuren Embrace Home Gift Set makes for a perfect gift for any woman in your life for the holidays. It is also great for those who like indulging in their own “at home” spa days. The Epicuren Embrace Home Gift Set comes with an Epicuren diffuser and Epicuren candle. Each of these products produce botanical, natural scents that would be perfect for setting aside of a table or shelf in order to fill the room with a soothing scent and warmth as you soak in the bath for a while. The Epicuren Embrace products, as well as any other Epicuren products, are made up of natural, exotic ingredients from all over the world as well.


                Epicuren has over 20 years of experience in the skincare field and knows a thing or two about creating fabulous skincare items that are natural but yet powerful and effective. All Epicuren skincare products are safe enough for any skin type and none of Epicuren products, including the Epicuren Embrace Home Gift Set, contain any artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. This means that the scent you receive from lighting any of the Epicuren candles or diffusers is completely enriched with Mother Nature’s finest fragrances.


Add Some Simple Touches To Your At-Home Spa Day


                All of the Epicuren Embrace products, as well as the rest of the Epicuren line, is available at SkincareByAlana. This website only offers the best, quality, and handpicked skincare lines that actually live up to their word and deliver effective results. If you are interested in the Epicuren Embrace Home Gift Sets, or just in the Epicuren line itself, there is currently a deal going on at SkincareByAlana that offers a free Epicuren product with certain purchases. Some of the Epicuren products you could receive for free include the Lave Cleanser, After Bath Moisturizer, Milk Cleanser, or the Facial Cream, depending on the size of your purchase. If you plan to make an order from within the U.S., SkincareByAlana will have the products delivered free of charge as well.




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