Dermaquest Retinol

Dermaquest Retinol products utilize the power of Vitamin A.  As one of the few substances on earth that can penetrate the outer layers of skin to affect the deeper layers of skin that include collagen and elastin, Retinol is uniquely able to strengthen and revitalize.  More collagen and elastin means tighter, suppler skin.  
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Designed to revive your skin and restore a youthful look, the Dermaquest Skin Therapy Retinol line utilizes innovative technology to make you look younger and your skin healthier.  


Empower your skin to be its best!  The Dermaquest Retinol series minimizes discoloration, leading to an even skin tone that looks radiant and bright.  Kojic Acid along with retinol refines the skin and lightens dark spots and discoloration no matter the cause.  Whether you deal with liver spots from aging, sun damage from overexposure, or residual redness form rosacea or acne, your skin will shine!


In addition to a youthful appearance, which is useless if it damages the skin, Dermaquest Skin Therapy Retinol products strengthen the skin through stimulating collagen and elastin growth.  These two substances are what make your skin tight and supple.  Simply put, more collagen and elastin means skin that is stronger and more able to say in place.  This means leads wrinkles, sags, and fine lines, which translates into youthful skin that is supremely healthy in addition to looking absolutely fabulous.


What might be the best product or ingredient in the world is entirely useless if it is unable to penetrate the skin - that’s what makes Dermaquest products unique - the delivery system.  Dermaquest chemists and bioengineers use the most effective delivery systems for their creams, serums, and other products to ensure maximum absorption.  That is why Retinol is is helpful.  With a distinctly small molecular structure, Retinol penetrates the skin for maximum effect, which is why Dermaquest Retinol products work so well!


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