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At home mask and peel treatments are one of the most effective ways to take your skin care regimen to another level.  With penetrative active ingredients that yield more effective results than with daily cleansers, toners, treatments, and moisturizers, a mask or a peel is a great way to rejuvenate your skin.  Cellex-C offers premium masks and peels that nourish, refresh, and revive your skin for a youthful look.  Used correctly, they provide amazing dermatologic and aesthetic results for skin you’ll love and can be proud of.
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Cellex-C Masks and Peels


Whether you’re looking for clear skin or anti-aging benefits, Cellex-C masks and peels are a great way to go.  With intense doses of health-enhancing, anti-aging actives, they’re a great pick me up for your skin, providing amazing benefits in just a short time.  In addition, they improve the effectiveness of the rest of your skin care regime for amazing benefits.


The current Cellex-C Masks and Peels line includes two products.


  • Cellex-C Advanced-C Toning Mask - works on multiple levels to improve the condition of the skin, brightening, smoothing, and polishing the skin to provide a youthful luster and radiance; improves circulation to boost collagen production and provide for a smoother, younger appearance
  • Cellex-C Speed Facial Gel - fast-acting, oil-free, hydrating gel that lifts away dead skin cells and uses fruit enzymes to digest unwanted proteins for a fresh, vibrant complexion; rejuvenates the skin by enhancing cellular renewal rates


Cellex-C Masks and Peels are designed to be used regularly, up to three times per week, for amazing benefits.  Supplementing your daily skin care routine, they take your regimen to another level, allowing for deeper results that last longer.  


Try all of the Cellex-C Masks and Peels.  You’ll love the invigorating treatments, and you’ll love even more the way your skin looks after you use them.


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