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Cellex-C Enhances and Moisturizers do just what the name implies - enhance and moisturize.  Each product enhances the health and appearance of the skin, targeting aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles to provide a youthful, smooth complexion.  Each product also infuses the skin with a rich dose of moisture, boosting its appearance as well as improving its health.  With Cellex-C Enhancers and moisturizers, you can give your skin the moisture it needs along with targeted treatment to maximize your anti-aging benefits and get the youthful complexion you’ve been dreaming about.
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Cellex-C Enhancers and Moisturizers


Currently, the Cellex-C Enhancers and Moisturizers line of products includes six amazing items.


  • Hydra 5 B-Complex - natural moisturizer that hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid to nourish the skin and provide for a silky-smooth texture that is youthful and radiant
  • Seline-E - smooth, rich moisturizing cream rich in vitamin E and vitamin C to protect and rejuvenate the skin
  • Sea Silk Oil-Free Moisturizer - uses natural botanical extracts from the ocean to nourish the skin with moisture and nutrients without using oil to provide a supple, moist texture to the skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts
  • G.L.A. Extra Moist - ultra-rich moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin types that uses herbal extracts to soothe and heal the while enhancing the skin’s moisture barriers to improve its ability to retain moisture
  • G.L.A. Eye Balm - gentle moisturizer perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes to hydrate, protect, and tone the skin for lively eyes with a more youthful look
  • Advanced Skin Hydration Complex - oil-free moisturizer that showers the skin with hyaluronic acid and amino acids to aid in rebuilding and resurfacing the skin


The Cellex-C Enhancers and Moisturizers are truly remarkable products that do more than just moisturize - they treat and rejuvenate the skin for a vibrant, youthful look.


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