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Cellex-C Acne Treatment products transform oily, acne-prone, and problematic skin, eliminating breakouts and blemishes to reveal a smooth, fresh complexion that looks clear, vibrant, and glowing.  With in weeks of regular use of the Cellex-C Anti-Acne line of products, you’ll notice soothed, clear skin with less inflammation, reduced whiteheads and blackheads, as well as an overall more beautiful appearance.  
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Cellex-C Anti-Acne


The Cellex-C Anti-Acne line of products gets to the root of the acne problem, neutralizing the causes of acne to prevent acne rather than just treat it.  Each product neutralizes acne-causing bacteria to prevent their acne-causing activity.  Meanwhile, the products remove excess oil from the surface of the skin to prevent clogged pores and resultant breakouts.  In addition, each product encourages the healthy sloughing of dead skin cells, preventing the buildup of dirt, debris, and oil that leads to acne and breakouts.  


No one likes dealing with acne, and Cellex-C is here to help you make it a thing of the past.  The current line of Cellex-C Anti-Acne products includes:


  • Clear Complexion Complex - targeted acne treatment that reduces the frequency of breakouts to restore a fresh, clear complexion; anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients soothe the skin, reducing inflammation associated with acne and resultant breakouts
  • Fresh Complexion Foaming Gel - gentle foaming cleanser that penetrates the skin with bacteria neutralizers and natural exfoliants to provide a clear, fresh complexion
  • Skin Perfecting Pen - spot treatment that immediately reduces the size and appearance of breakouts; uses herbal extracts to heal acneic skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and restore a clear complexion


Get on your way to clear skin with the Cellex-C Anti-Acne line of products!  Used on conjunction with one another, they provide clear skin with enhanced vibrance and less frequent breakouts.  When used as part of an overarching Cellex-C skin care routine, the benefits are amazing.


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