I am a huge makeup lover, but I am admittedly picky about what I put on my skin! And why wouldn’t I be? My skin deserves only the best, and so does yours! The selection below is some of my absolute favorite products for luscious lashes, gorgeous skin, smoldering eyes, perfect pouts, and much more!
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Why Choose Mineral Makeup? As I mentioned before, I am picky about what makeup I put on my skin! Most of the lines I carry on my site are of the mineral makeup variety, which is a category of makeup that I personally adore. Convectional makeup brands are often packed with chemicals, additives, fillers, oils, parabens, artificial fragrances, and so much more! Mineral makeup on the other hand [at least, high-end mineral makeup] is much more pure, and typically lacks the harsh ingredients found in department store brands. I personally find mineral makeup to be much more comfortable to wear, and much longer lasting that drugstore brands, which is just another added bonus!


Sensitive Skin? I cannot recommend mineral makeups enough for sensitive skin! Since there are fewer chemicals, there is less chance for reaction. Of course, it is still important to read the ingredients! I always say: the fewer the better.