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WrinkleLess Skin Care with Malibu C!

As we age, it is only natural for wrinkles to start appearing, slowly but surely. And, of course, many of us are not so quick-and-willing to accept those telltale-aging signs, which is where skincare products come into play! But how many of you would like to know what exactly causes aging? If you answered “me”, then you are in the right place!

Skincare by Alana brings you the reasons behind wrinkles, and Malibu C's WrinkLess Kit to prevent them!Reasons For Wrinkles

  • As we age, our skin cells become thinner, collagen stops producing as quickly, and elasticity starts to decline. These are all natural processes that result in the dreaded phenomena we like to call “wrinkles”.
  • The amount of nutrients in our skin also starts to decline with age, contributing to wrinkles.
  • This is one that not many people realize: subcutaneous tissue (the bottom layer of the skin containing fat cells) starts to dwindle as time goes on. This results in a noticeable sagging in wrinkling of the skin, as fat cells are no longer filling in as well, underneath the upper layers.
  • NOW, for those of you that have started wrinkling at a younger age: The sun is a huge huge huge factor in premature aging and wrinkles. UVA and UVB rays not only put you at a higher risk for skin cancer, they also cause photo aging and wrinkles that can be seen as early as 20 years old!
  • Free Radicals assist in damaging the skin as well. These can be exposed to us through processes or the environment, which makes them difficult to avoid 100%.
  • Do you ever catch yourself frowning, or squinting, or furrowing the eyebrows, for no explainable reason? These also contribute to wrinkling! Try to pay attention to your facial expressions to avoid this type of wrinkling.

WrinkleLess Skin Care

It is no secret that skincare products can help in slowing down, and sometimes diminishing, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And while I have many quick-pick favs, there is one in particular that I want to talk about today: the WrinkleLess Skin Care Kit from Malibu C!

This product uses the purest and most precise form and percentage of nature’s most vital antioxidants, including Vitamins C & E, to defend against free radicals and abnormal skin conditions. It works to fight against wrinkles, improve skin clarity, tone, and text, and give users an overall radiant appearance.

I recommend it for those with normal, dry, or mature skin, but anyone and everyone looking to prevent or decrease wrinkles can use this product.

This product can be used to help with: abnormal growths, age spots, chemically-peeled skin, dry, irritated skin, hyper/hypo pigmentation, keratosis, melasma, post-peel/dermabrasion/micro-dermabrasion/laser resurfacing, post-radiation therapy, scars, skin tags and bumps, sunburns, and winkles! Making it ideal for a large number of users, and a confident recommendation in my book!


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