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Valentine's Day For Everyone!

Valentine’s Day does not simply have to be a day to partner up or be a couple. Whether you are spending today with your one person, your family, or by yourself, let’s make today a great day! The tips below are for my ladies on their own! However, if you are taken, don’t worry, I have a section for you too! Just skip to the second part of this blog. No matter what, make sure to read the bottom because I have included some ways for you to feel loved today. Let’s focus on the positive of Valentine’s Day…

If you are single, there are several things that you can count your blessings for today. Let’s focus on the positive of being independent today:

Easy Fit

Studies have shown that women who live alone tend to gain less weight than those newlyweds. Men tend to have a higher appetite and calorie allowance, which causes women to eat more than normal when they are hanging out with their loved one. Today, you can splurge with your friends without going too crazy!

Snooze Soundly

Sleeping alone has its perks! Just think, you do not have to worry about your significant other snoring and keeping you up. Studies have shown an average of 49 minutes per sleep is lost a night when sharing a bed.

Less Drama

Being single can take away all the unnecessary drama that some relationships have. Now you have more time to yourself to do the things you want to do, without having to worry about anyone else. And remember, stress can damage skin, so look better too!

More Me Time

Single women are able to be more independent. We do not need men to pamper us, we can do it ourselves! According to the University of Michigan, research shows that married women spend about seven hours a week doing chores. Think of all that free time you have!

For The Couples:

Ok lovebirds, now that we have gone over the reasons of why it is so great to be single, let’s rejoice over the reasons it’s great to be taken!

Skip being hung-over

Married women are said to be 20 percent less likely to binge drink than those who are single. So sit back today, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your hunny!

Bring on the happiness!

Women who live with someone tend to feed off of their significant other’s mood. Happiness is contagious and so is a good mood! Today should be a day when everyone is happy!

Better Health

Those paired up can benefit from the social connectivity. When problems come your way, it is easier to cope with an issue if you have a loved one there to help support you. Relationships allow us to have someone to talk to in times of need. Single women are 60 percent more likely not to have health insurance either, so embrace the benefits.

A few simple ways to show your loved one you care today is by giving him a list of “Ten Reasons Why You Love Him.” If you like cooking, why not make him his favorite dish tonight and avoid the restaurant rush? I love to put together a basket of goodies then go for a scenic drive to a park. Once there, I put a few blankets down to eat, relax, and watch the sunset. If I have time, I like to make a CD with my husband’s favorite songs for us to listen to on the way there.

For Everyone:

Whether you are single or taken, make sure to pamper yourself! Try taking fifteen minutes away from whatever you are doing and lather with a nice lavender or pineapple infused cocoa butter. Between the creamy texture and calming scent, you should feel immediately relaxed.

If you have more time to spare today, use a face mask! Face masks are ultra-hydrating and excellent to leave on while getting cozy. Even better, go get your nails done! What better to do today than indulge in a manicure and pedicure with a cute red polish!

Today is a day to treat yourself and/or your significant other with love. No matter what you do, focus on the positive and have fun! Grab some chocolate and have an amazing week! Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


I agree with you completely! :)

alana @ 2011-02-16 8:38am

Well put. I believe another thing to do that helps out the single people is to send a gift to another single person that is down. This not only uplifts the single friend but uplifts you for doing a good deed. Now thats a Valentine’s day to remember. Melissa ;-)

Melissa O'kelly @ 2011-02-14 2:32pm

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