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Are you too busy to go get a facial? With these tips, you will be able to do one from home!

Before you treat your skin to a facial, make sure that your skin is freshly cleansed.

You can cut back time by using a motorized brush such as a Clarisonic! These brushes use a vibrating technology that helps to minimize pores while removing debris.

After you cleanse your skin, make sure that you use a toner to level out the pH balance of your skin.

Next, use a mask! Pumpkin masks are known to hydrate and purify dull, dry skin, while cherry masks are great for large pores and uneven pigmentation.

To make a mask from home, try using a dime-size dollop of goat’s milk yogurt and honey.

This mixture will moisturize your skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

As far as extractions go, we really should not mess with our blemishes ourselves. However, if you absolutely have the urge the pop one of those buggers, take a hot shower and use vinyl gloves or a tissue to break the top of the pimple down. Use your index fingers and once you get the puss out, put witch hazel and a blemish cream on it. It also helps if you ice this area.

Finally, use a great moisturizer. This will help to lock in all the ingredients. If you are fighting the cool, dry winds; try using lavender and rose oil.

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