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The Royal Wedding Makeup Secrets!

Hello to my fantastic readers out there! I don’t know about you, but I definitely watched the Royal Wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton (now Princess -- Duchess, rather -- Catherine). I was dumbfounded with how beautiful she looked and how graceful she walked down the aisle. Her dress was stunning and her makeup looked flawless. I almost teared up in the moment where the beautiful bride and her father joined Prince Williams at the altar. Prince Williams mouthed these words to Middleton: "You look beautiful." Indeed, Kate did look beautiful. How did she create such a natural looking look? Well, after looking at her pictures several times I have found the answer of what she used! You can get the same look as Kate by using the following products:

the royal wedding kate makeup secrets

Youngblood Liquid Foundation- use this for a natural looking foundation

Youngblood Hi-Def Perfection Powder- to seal in your foundation

Youngblood Crushed Mineral Blush in Tulip-a great light blush

Glo Minerals gloCheek Sheen- this will give your cheeks a nice glow

Youngblood Black Eyeliner- for great precision eyeliner

Youngblood Crushed Mineral Eye shadow in Moonstone- the perfect highlighter for your lids

Youngblood Lip Liner Pencil in Pout- this nice lip-liner will help plump and line your lips

Youngblood Lipstick in Just Pink- a subtle light pink cream lipstick

Youngblood Pressed Individual Eyeshadow in Merlot-the best contour eye shadow for the crease of your lids

Model in a Model Sealer- last but not least, spray this on and voila! Your makeup will now last all day!

With these products, you will be able to create the gorgeous, flawless looking look. Kate looked stunning on her big day and so can you!

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