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Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, but one of the hardest holidays to buy gifts for. If you are like me, I tend to procrastinate on getting my dad a gift because I don’t want to repeat any previous purchases! Of course, I make sure that I get to spend the day with my dad, but I still feel good when I buy him a little something. Let’s face it. It is hard to be unique when looking for a gift to purchase. Don’t most dads just buy the things they want? Well, how about going outside of the box and picking out a great skin care product for him? That way, he doesn’t have to worry about going to a spa to pick one out for himself (as most dads would avoid). Any person wants to look their best, and this is a way to educate and inform Dad on how to! Think of it this way, you can get him a product that will make him feel and look better. Take a look at some great last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that you can order before June 19th. Here are the top five products my husband and dad would agree are the best:

RAW Blue Agave Wash (Energizing Cleanser) RAW’s Blue Agave Wash is an invigorating daily wash developed especially for the male skin. The raw elements of plants and essential oils in Blue Agave Wash also provide aromatic and stimulating benefits that offer the ideal cleansing experience while cleaning out his pores. I promise…any man will want to use this cleanser!

*Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream Who doesn’t want a good shaving cream? This ultra-hydrating cream delivers a super-close shave that won’t leave skin feeling sore. It helps skin recover from damage while preventing aggravation brought on by shaving. Most men skip the cost a good shaving cream, but once they try a good one, they are hooked. This is the one to hook all the dads!

*Epicuren Men's Skintopia Power Oil Control The product is the perfect solution for oily skin. It helps to control acne and any excess oil in your skin. My dad uses this once or twice a week as a mild but effective exfoliant and he has never had skin this clear.

*Joe Grooming Straightening Pomade- This pomade will help your dad to have stylish hair! This pliable wax isn’t stiff or sticky. It will help to tame his curly locks or provide his hair with a good hold. Best of all, it is easy to wash out; which I hear is common complaint from men.pomades are great for dry or chemically damaged hair

*Mica Gem Humana Man Fragrance: This one of the best, if not the best cologne I have ever smelled. Even better, if you buy one of these amazing scents, the manufacturer will donate one mosquito net to a child in need. You may not know, but mosquito nets save millions of lives every year. This scent smells of black currant, lavender, and lime. It has warm base tones of tonka bean, vanilla and oak moss that compliment mugent and fresnia. Think ..Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.


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