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Busy Moms, stand up. As a successful business owner, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend, I know all about being constantly on-the-go. And of course, part of being on-the-go means finding ways to get the necessities done in a quick & efficient manner. Skincare is something I have seen way too many busy moms neglect, but today I have good news: you no longer have to ignore your skin! I have some fabulous complexion-saving tips for you to incorporate into your daily routine. No more excuses ladies! Here we go.

Busy Moms Can Do It Too

Set Aside Your Routine - Okay, I own a skincare business, so I know all about having a large skincare collection. But how many of you actually use your entire skincare cabinet on the regular? I know I certainly don't! So here is my challenge for you: give your collection a serious sweep-through and select only the products you will use daily to keep in your bathroom. Some of my essentials are: a good cleanser, exfoliant/peel, moisturizer/serum, eye cream, and of course SPF. I also love my Clarisonic, and will never take that out of my skincare routine. Your essentials may not be exactly the same as mine depending on your skincare needs , so pick the products and keep it simple!

downloadShop For Your Skin Type - If you don't like the skincare products you've purchased it usually means one-of-two things: you've purchased a lower quality product, or you've purchased a product that simply isn't right for your skin type. First, let me elaborate on : I know in this economy we all want to save dollars-and-cents where ever possible, but when it comes to skincare you generally get what you pay for. That is not to say you can't find a fabulous product for a reasonable price - I sell many products that are cost-effective and fabulous! But know what you are getting yourself into before purchase. I can't tell you how many people come to me and find a reasonably-priced gem first-shot after having spent more money than they hoped to on various products that simply didn't work. And , knowing your skin type is seriously so important! This will help you find products more targeted to your skincare needs, and thus you will spend less time and money on products that weren't designed to suit your needs.

Exfoliate - So many people don't realize how fabulous exfoliating is. Not only do you get beautiful skin in the long-term, but your skin looks fabulous and radiant immediately after you exfoliate. Be sure to get a quality exfoliant and follow the directions! If you don't use it as often, you clearly will not get the optimum results. And using it too much won't boost your beautiful skin, it could potentially damage it. Some of my favorite exfoliants include Epicuren's Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel, Rhonda Allison's Cherry Jubilee Enzyme, Image Skincare's Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque, and Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant.

BB Creams Are Your Friend - I recently wrote a blog post on BB Creams, which you can read here. Why do I love BB Creams so much? Well, BB Creams are pretty much a one-stop-shop for coverage, moisture, sunscreen, and can even bring better benefits with the right product. Some of my favorites help to soothe irritation, fight aging, prevent free radical damage, and much more! Be sure to check it out.

Eat Healthy - Come on, need I say more? Eating healthy isn't only great for your skin, it is also fabulous for your waist line. Also, buying fruits and veggies to cook up yourself is a great way to save money instead of dining out. You can also get your whole family on-board!

Drink Your 8 Glasses - When your body is dehydrated, you skin is dehydrated. And trust me, over time that really starts to show! Drink your 8 glasses a day, or more! Replace sodas with water and if you love to drink juice, drink it fresh pressed! No more of that ultra-preserved cranberry juice cocktail, or sugar loaded Grape Juice. Your skin will show the benefits and your body will feel better! And you busy moms know how important it is to feel good on-the-go.

Remove Your Makeup Every Night - Sleeping in your makeup may seem harmless, and it is super easy to say "just this once", but the truth is its never "just this once". If you can't bring yourself to the sink, at least indulge in a makeup removing wipe. I am telling you though, sleeping in your makeup ages your skin, and can easily cause breakouts. I like to make my nighttime cleansing routine a relaxing event for myself. It is something that I genuinely look forward to!

Yes, being on-the-go can certainly take a toll on us busy moms. But it is important to remember both our long-term and short-term goals, and realize that the habits we keep today will definitely effect us tomorrow.



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