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The Best Advice To Take From Our Moms

Let’s admit it, mothers know best. Sometimes it is very hard to accept things when we get told to “do this,” or “do that” but at the end of the day, we always end up saying, “Thanks for the advice mom!”

Lesson #1:

Don’t pluck your own eyebrows. Some people are good at plucking their eyebrows, others, not so much. If you like plucking your own eyebrows, but sometime accidentally over pluck them, be sure to cover the gaps with a good eyebrow pencil. I like to use

Glo Mineral's Precision Brow Pencil. It helps my eyebrow to achieve a natural, defined look!

Lesson #2:

Sprinkle, sparkle, and shine with vinegar! Vinegar is known to be one of the best home remedies. It is a very versatile compound and can be used in different ways. It may not be the best smelling thing in the world, but applying vinegar on your hair will add luster to your locks and is cheap too!

Lesson #3:

Water is for the face—not! As water has the tendency to dry out skin, it is advisable to use scrubs or facial creams first. After, wash the scrub off with a warm cloth to leave your skin moisturized and not feeling dried out.

Lesson #4:

Smooth as a baby’s bottom! A baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive which is why we only use the mildest and gentlest products on them. Sometimes, we use creams and lotions that can irritate our skin so it is best to use hypoallergenic lotions and treat our skin like a baby!

Lesson #5:

Keep your hair off your face. Brushing your hair away from your face all the time can be tiring, so keep it out of the way. Keeping your hair neatly tied back or clear away from your face will prevent your skin from getting blocked pores, outbreaks, and your hair from getting oily!

We may be clever and smart, but still, mothers know best!

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