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Ten Ways To Look Slimmer!

Dieting isn’t the only way to look good. Yes, you have to eat healthy, exercise regularly, but there some hidden tricks to get that slimmer effect. With this time of year, we all need any tips we can get. These simple tricks, work all the time! Give it a try; you’ll see the magic of your new slim line figure.

1. Put on those killer heels: Yes girls, it might be painful both on your feet and your wallet but it’s still an important item in your wardrobe. It adds sexiness to any attire and makes your legs look longer thus giving you a slimmer figure.

2. Beware of friends who love unhealthy food: let’s face it, whenever we dine out with friends who love large fries, greasy food, and have sweet tooth, we can’t help but have a bit of everything. You just have to be strong when it comes to temptations like these.

3. Uncover your own style: one tip, it’s not only the clothes that you wear but also how you wear it. Your style can either turn on or disappoint other people. Some women give off that sexiness no matter what clothes they wear, so put on the clothes that make you feel confident and compliment your features.

4. Focus on your meals: give food your full attention when you’re eating. Sometimes, we get carried away eating in front of the television or sometimes even forget to eat because you couldn’t be bothered to stand up and leave the laptop. Always eat on time and follow your tummy!

5. Wear some sexy undies: keep a selection of different underwear in your drawer. It’s basic knowledge that wearing the wrong panties can ruin the game of the day.

6. Buy more fresh food: keep on eye of what you put in your shopping trolley. Stay away from foods that are already in a box, or readymade. They contain lots of preservatives. Instead, choose the fresh produce.

7. Wear black tights: it is inexpensive and keeps your legs warm. It can also make your legs look thinner and slimmer and or hide some of your skin imperfections.

8. Eat smaller portions: keep in mind that bigger is not always better especially when it comes to food. You can eat anything and everything but in small portions.

9. Beware of so called “healthy foods.” Eating salad for lunch doesn’t mean you ate something healthy and low in fat. You have to keep an eye on what comes with it, like bacon, cheese, croutons, egg, and what they call “light dressing.”

10. Go for fat burners: Foods are very satisfying. So, try to incorporate fat burners in your diet such as apples, grapefruit, olive oil, sunflower seeds, lecithin, and almonds.grapefruit

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