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If you think that sunscreen only helps you shun skin cancer away, think again!

Find out the secrets that can also help protect our skin!

1. Let your washing machine do the work for you

There is a new product out in the market that serves not only your skin but your clothes too. It's called Sun Guard, endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This is a very affordable product that you put in your washing machine together with your regular detergent to give your clothing an extra layer of sun protection. It is found to block the sun's rays from being absorbed into the fabric.

2. Sugary and Alcoholic Drinks Pose for more Sunscreen Application

According to research, drinking fruity, sugary, and alcoholic beverages, while out in the sun means that you have to apply sunscreen more often. As they are absorbed by the body, they release more free-radicals and cause skin inflammation. The sun's rays tend to beat down the body's immune system in this occasion, thus, frequent application of sunscreen is necessary. It's still best to quench your thirst with water.

3. Chocolate to the Rescue

If you love chocolate, now you can love it even more! Studies have shown that consuming chocolate, especially dark, can add protection to your skin against UV rays. Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa or more, which is high in anti-oxidants increasing the body's own natural sun protection.

4. Use Sunscreen Liberally

Applying tiny amounts of sunscreen doesn't cut it. When applying sun protection, use at least an ounce equivalent to a full shot glass in order to cover the whole body properly. During the winter, when your face is mainly exposed, use at least one teaspoon for your face and neck area. The sunscreen that I love to use is IsClinical’s Treatment Sunscreen SPF 25.

5. No Such Thing As Waterproof Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be applied every two hours. However, if you will be in water, you should reapply every 40 minutes. Products labeled "water resistant" only provides 40 minutes of protection when you are in the water and those claiming to be "highly water resistant" may only provide 80 minutes of protection. Be careful when buying products promising full day protection or water resistant as they are misleading.


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