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Squash the Squash? Why Pumpkin Products Aren't Just Trendy!

Have you noticed the pumpkin craze going on?! They seem to pop up everywhere I look. They are in your latte, floral bouquets, and even soda. Don’t get me wrong, I love the things. But what about pumpkin skin care products? Ever wonder if they are just another holiday gimmick? The truth may pleasantly surprise you!

Audrina Patridge loves her pumpkin mask

We all want fresh and healthy looking skin. For skin to look and feel young, you should look for products that support the constant cycle of skin cell sloughing and renewal. New cells take about twenty-eight days to form and gradually work their way to the surface as the old skin cells die off. As we age, this process slows (bummer). Lack of sleep, stress, and sun exposure slow the cells down as well.

Why Pumpkin Products Worth It!

Enzymes and Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) not only remove dead cells, they actually speed up the skin cell’s natural turnover rate! You want both because the AHA’s break up the intracellular cement (think glue) that binds the dead skin cells and the fruit enzymes digest the dead skin cells.

Pumpkin Pulp
Peels with pumpkin concentrate and fruit pulp are terrific sources of fruit enzymes and AHA’s. A good pumpkin extract will offer a wide spectrum of vitamin A derivatives, which help speed up cell turnover by targeting the skin’s retinoic acid receptors. Epicuren Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel is amazing! If pumpkin isn’t your gig, blueberry, cranberry, apple, and cheery pulp peels great, too.

Kate Beckinsail

Fight Oil with Oil
Pumpkin seed oil contains essential fatty acids that help regulate skin oil production! If you are looking for a natural way to help fight oily or acne prone skin while balancing dryness, look no further than your rounded orange friend. Their seeds also provide minerals, among them zinc, which is a great skin healer and antioxidant. Rhonda Allison makes a great Pumpkin Cleanser that you may want to pass on to anyone in your life fighting the breakout battle.

Eat it
Healthy, beautiful skin starts with what you ingest. Make sure you are eating all your fruits and vegetables, pumpkins included, for best results! Pumpkins are high in vitamin C, beta-carotene and potassium. It’s been linked to prevention of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) which can lead to strokes and heart attacks. The seeds and seed oil are a great source of zinc and unsaturated fatty acids. Pumpkins are also high in fiber, which ever girl knows curbs the appetite!

I’m totally psyched that pumpkins lived up to their hype! Bring ‘em on! Just go to the pumpkin category on my website to reap the benefits of pumpkin now.


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