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Smokey Eyes For Fall!

With the lingering heat, it can be easy to forget that we are now in full-Fall swing! Which will soon mean cozy jackets, comfy boots, and of course, smokey eyes! I have always been a fan of this ultra-chic look; but have quickly learned that one person’s smokey eye palette may not work for another! That is exactly why I would like to share two beautifully different pallets with you!

Glo Minerals Smokey Eye Kit’s

Original – If you are seeking out a dramatically deep smokey eye look, then this quad might be more up your alley. It takes four essential shades that work together to give you a super sultry look; which I happen to love during the fall and winter months.

Metallic – This kit is for those seeking a less dramatic, but still noticeable smokey eye. It mixes a combination of metallic bronzes and browns to create a naturally deep look – which will no doubt draw attention to your eyes. Much like the Original, you get 5 beautiful shades that were created to compliment each other on your eye! This is a definite fall favorite for me!

Smokey Eye Tips

  • ALWAYS, always, always start with your eyes. By this I mean DO NOT do your face makeup/mascara/blush first. I use this rule whenever applying makeup, but it is especially important when doing a smokey eye, as the shadow might fall onto your cheeks.
  • ESSENTIALLY: You are going to use your colors in order from lightest to darkest.
  • Apply the lightest color in your palette as a base from your lash line to brow.
  • Next, you will select the second lightest color, applying it to the lid, stopping just beneath the brow bone.
  • Move on to your third color, using it on the outer 3/4 of the crease.
  • Finally, add definition by lining top and bottom lash lines using your darkest color. Smudge gently for a sexy, smoky look.
  • I recommend going lighter, or more natural, on the rest of your makeup when doing a smokey-eye look. This will help draw more attention to your eyes, and keep you from looking “overdone”.
  • Using a quality primer will help your smokey eye look last from day to night.
  • I recommend selecting a good brush, but some have had an easier time using their fingers!



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