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How to Get High Cheek Bones With Proper Skincare Treatments

High Cheek Bones, we all want them. Problem is, we all weren't blessed with them. Thank God for makeup and Skincare treatments! Create the look you've been envying with these film makeup artist tricks!

The way they do it in the movies:

It's all about contouring. Before starting this, start with a good clean face. Apply foundation to even out your skin tone.

Pull in your cheeks drawing a deep breath of air. Take your contouring brush and dip it in some matte bronzing powder. Glo Mierals makes a great one that is great to have on hand, especially during winter months when we tend to get a little pale! ($39.50) Blend into the hollows of your cheeks. Next, take a bright blush and place directly to the apples of your cheeks. La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Blush ($27) is great because not only is it natural and full of nutrients for your skin, but it comes in a ton of colors! Renee is a bright pop of color I'm loving right now! Blend the two colors until they flow into each other naturally. Mira Bella Blush Color Duo ($30) in Glowing is great because it has the two colors you need in one easy compact. Viola! Get ready for the accolades!

For an Extra Boost

Introduce a highlighter into your routine. This is a shimmery color much lighter than your blush, somewhere between a white and iridescent pink. I love using La Bella Donna Moonlight Highlighting Cream Color ($30). Apply this in a "C" formation starting at the outer corner of your eyebrow and ending above your cheekbone. Blend to perfection:)

The hard way

Sometimes losing a little weight goes a long way in sculpting your face. A sensible diet plan, cutting out a high content of fat, sugar and processed foods are a great place to start. Hydrate the body with tons of water and avoid sugary juices and sodas, or "pop" for my Midwest readers. Try to substitute white flour products like cakes, pastries, and pasta with whole grain ones .If possible cut down the salt intake as it causes water retention, which may show on the face too. Pick a food plan that works for you and remember a simple rule consume less than you burn, and you will see the effects without much delay. And as the pleasant plumpness melts away, it will leave the beautiful cheekbones you never dreamt you had.

Enjoy your high cheekbones! Generally, we don't want to look like we have too much makeup on. Less is more. Take a picture and look for common mistakes like too much blush and lack of blending. For more on How to Apply Blush, click here!

From so many requests, I have developed a special page on my shopping cart site skincarebyalana.com with a special page set aside for blushes I love, click here to see it. Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!


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