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Saving the Super Bowl with Skincare by Alana Discount

Well, It's happening... the Giants and the Patriots face off in the Super Bowl. Impressed I know that? Don't be. I'm not planning on watching it. I'm planning on redeeming the time every way I can think of and so should you with skincare by alana discount offers! The cheerleaders may have your man's attention at half time, but here's how to make sure he goes home with you;)

skincare by alana discount Deep Condition your Hair

Skincare by Alana Discount for Hair Treatment

Ever read the hair masque directions and think, "When the heck am I going to have time to do that?" Super Bowl Sunday. Bosley Healthy Hair Moisture Masque($39) uses natural ingredients like avocado, mango and red wine extract to restore shine, health and softness to your hair. The directions say to leave on clean, damp hair for five minutes. Since you

Wonder if Kim will be at the game?

have more to spare, I suggest leaving it in for 45 minutes while you soak in the tub. Your man will smell the sweet aroma from the couch:)

Give Hands & Feet a Good Scrub!

Mani Pedi

As much as I love having someone else do my nails, there's nothing like turning my home bathroom into a spa and doing my own! It reminds me of being a teenager;) The key to a good manicure or pedicure is exfoliation. Gerda Spillmannmakes a great scrub ($28.45) that's easy to use. Once you've removed all the dead skin,rinse well and apply a foot creme in your favorite scent. I am in love, love with the Lollia line. The last step of such skincare treatments is simple, find the color that makes you feel sexy and get to painting!

Tom Brady is going home with Gisele!

Face Masque

Face Masque

While you're waiting for your toes to dry and your hair to soak, turn your attention to your face. Most skin regimens include a semi-regular masque for deep cleaning and exfoliation. Lots of women miss and or skip this step. This Sunday, you have no excuse for the best skincare treatments! I love the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque ($45) because it's packed with antioxidants and nutrients that bring my skin back to health.

Spa Water

Skincare treatments

No spa day is complete without spa water. I totally suggest sharing this one with the boys;) They may complain about the, "Crap in their water" but tr

ust me, they will drink it and they will like it. Simply add freshly sliced cucumber and mint leaves to cold water and serve. I like using orange and grapefruit slices for a little kick!

No need to waste Sunday! This day can be all about you, too! Enjoy the uninterrupted time! Have any other ideas of fun things to do on Super Bowl Sunday? I'd love to hear!


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