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Skincare Advice To Get You Through Your 60′s+

Believe it or not, your 60's can actually be a fabulous era for your skin! The raging hormones of your 50's are (hopefully) gone, and your skin is starting to become more stable. So now is the perfect time to select the right products and adopt the right habits to tighten and tone your skin. Aging gracefully is absolutely possible. Just ask Jaclyn Smith (right), who as you may know was one of the original Charlies Angels. She is 67 years old and STUNNING!

Skincare Advice: 60+

1. Stay Hydrated - At this age it is absolutely essential to keep your skin moisturized. With estrogen levels dropping, you will notice a decrease in oil production, meaning dryer skin. I like products with Hyaluronic Acid, as they help to lock moisture in your skin. Remember, beautiful skin is hydrated skin. So grab a new, nourishing moisturizer and enjoy!

2. Speaking Words of Wisdom - Your words of wisdom may give others a hint to your age and experience, but the appearance of your lips can show a little more than you are willing to give away. Yes, the lips are a very sensitive area and tend to only get more sensitive with age. It is incredibly important to use targeted treatments on and around your lips to keep them hydrated and fresh. The more you forget about them, the more difficult it will be to reverse the signs of aging.

3. Sleeping Beauty - Now more than ever it is crucial to get an adequate amount of sleep. Your body repairs itself as you sleep, so getting enough it essential to healthy skin. Sleep is also essential to mental health, and it has been proven that stress can be a significant cause of aging. Use this time to treat your skin and spirit so you can look and feel better for many years to come.

4. Be Aware of Your Environment - You may live in the city, or you may live in the suburbs. But the more pollutants you are exposed to, the more negative effects you are going to see on your skin. Try to find products that protect against free radicals and environmental damage in an effort to preserve your beautiful skin.

5. Tighten it Up - anti-wrinkle and tightening products are going to be one of your go-to things during this age and on into your 70's and 80's. These products general work by helping to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, which will often help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This set can go hand-in-hand with both Staying Hydrated and Be Aware of Your Environment.

All in all, it is important that you keep up the faith and skincare routine into your 60's and beyond. No matter what age you are, you can have beautiful skin. It is also important for you to embrace your age group! Just because your skin no longer looks like it did when you were 20 does not mean it is not beautiful. Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and so long as you take care of it properly you can definitely achieve it!


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