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Skincare Advice To Get You Through Your 30's

Your 30's can be a scary thing to think about - but for those of you who are worried about stepping into this age group, don't fret! The "30 is the new 20" saying is more of a reality than you think! Yes, I will admit that it is very important to step up your skincare game in your thirties, however it is 100% possible to maintain that beautiful 20-something-looking skin of yours.

Skincare Advice: 30

1. Always Cleanse - this will be your golden ticket no matter what age group you fall into. Dirt, oils, and leftover makeup will significantly speed up the aging process, so it is important to wash that away at the end of the day. I like to cleanse once in the AM and twice in the PM. Once is never enough at the end of a long day.

2. Exfoliation Days - If you though exfoliating was important in your 20's, it is even more essential in your 30's. However, I don't ever worry about this step, because once people discover it, they never want to stop! Exfoliating is fabulous because it helps you get long-term results, with beautiful immediate results. It helps to slough away dead skin, and promotes cellular turnover - meaning refreshed, younger looking skin. As you transition from twenties to thirties, I would highly recommend choosing exfoliants with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Retinol, as these are especially helpful when it comes to speeding up skin renewal.

3. Change Your Signature Drink - Swap your favorite Martini or Machiatto for some water. I am sure you have heard this a million times over and million times again, but that is only because it is SO important for your skin and overall health. Drinking enough H2o really helps to nourish your skin and rid your body of toxins . So be sure to get at least 8 glasses each day! The more the merrier.

4. Moisturize - Hydrated skin is essential in the quest to battle aging, and as we make our way into our thirties it is important to find one that will help maintain that twenty-year-old moisture level. It is during the thirties that I recommend introducing targeted serums, or selecting a more "deep hydrating" moisturizer.

5. Sunscreen - Much like cleansing, this skincare regimen will never go out of style. Sun exposure causes wrinkle, and the older we get, the less resilient our skin becomes. SO, if you have not yet incorporated this into your skincare regimen, there is no better time than now! Bump up your SPF coverage from the recommended SPF20 to an SPF30 or SPF40, and don't be afraid to apply throughout the day. I always recommend people stick to a sunscreen that features Zinc and Iron Oxides as main ingredients, as these are physical blocks. Anything with Shea Butter or Hyaluronic Acid is also a huge plus!

6. Banish Dark Circles & Crows Feet - Whether your dark circles are from lack of sleep, stress, or are simply hereditary, it is important to find a corrective product that works for you! There are many products out there that will not only correct dark spots, but will also help to lessen and prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Definitely find yourself a fabulous eye treatment in your 30's! Your 40's will thank you.

Like I said before, thirty really is the new twenty. Enjoy it! Stop fretting and simply keep up good skincare habits! If you go back to my Skincare Advice To Get You Through Your 20's article, you will notice that many of the tips are similar, if not the same! Proof that it is totally possible to look young and fresh well throughout your thirties.

Stay tuned for my Skincare Advice To Get You Through Your 40’s post!


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