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Signs of a Clean Nail Salon

Alana Mitchell, Licensed Esthetician, Day Spa Owner

Ahhhh a mani and/or pedi can be just what a girl needs before a big date or after a long work week. What you never need is some kind of fungus or bacteria infecting your hands and feet! Here are the Dos and Don’ts when finding a nail salon:

Evan Mendez sporting dark nails


- Do wear a mask to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals when you get acrylics. (The technician should be wearing one, too.)

- Do bring your own tools (file, buffer, toe separator) to be 100% safe -OR- make sure disposable items come fresh out of a sealed package every time.

- Do check to see that the blue Barbicide cleaning solution is clear, not cloudy.

- Do stay in a salon where the nail technicians asks you to wash your hands or wash your feet before performing any nail or pedicure service. They should wash their own hands before performing a nail or pedicure service.

- Do pay attention to the other ladies in the salon. Be wary of nail technicians who service to clients with infected fingers, nails, toenails or feet.

- Do ask the nail technician to explain how they clean and disinfect their nail files, clippers, bits, tools, and foot spas. If a service provider says that they are too busy to clean and disinfect their tools, you shouldn’t stay in this salon.

Thoughts on Rihanna's bright nails??

- Don’t stay in a salon that does not look clean in general. Make a U-turn if you see hair, nail clippings, dust or debris on the floor, drawers, tables, or other furniture. Just imagine all the crap you can’t see!

- Don’t let the salon technician use any dusty or dirty nail files, buffers or other tools.

- Don’t stay in a salon if they are using products from unlabeled or unmarked containers.

- Don’t stay if the salon’s restrooms aren’t clean. Make sure they have liquid soap and clean towels.

- Don’t stay if the salon doesn’t use a clean or disposable towel.

Always trust your instincts and PAY ATTENTION. I know you are there to relax but at the very least, do an inspection on your first couple visits. Your health is more important than your beauty!

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