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Secrets To Stop Binge Eating!

Many of us get a great workout at the gym and then end up binge eating, which puts all that time and energy to waste! The simple method of losing weight is to reduce the amount of calories you intake so that you can burn more. Do not eat because you have nervous energy or are bored. What you can do instead, is follow these simple tips:

1. Keep a food diary: Yes, a diary for noting down your food intake! This way you can keep a track of what you are eating and in what quantity. Jotting down the intake will help you realize what extra and unwanted calories you are putting in your system. You should try to eliminate these foods from your diet to lose the pounds fast.

2. Do not use food as an excuse: Are you meeting up with friends for dinner, getting together for snacks, or going to a movie and snacking? Try not to use food as an excuse for social gatherings. Get together for other activities such as, cycling, hiking, etc.

3. Get smaller plates: Sounds strange? But smaller plates mean smaller portions.

4. Low Fat Foods: Switch to low fat food options wherever possible.

5. No temptation, no binge: It is hard to eat bad foods at home when you don’t buy any. Do not keep junk food in your house!

6.Focus on eating: Try to actually focus on eating when you are eating. Do not eat while with watching television or reading a book. Concentrate on chewing, so that the flavors of the food will be more satisfying and you will feel full faster.

7. Increase the frequency: Yes, eat more frequently but make sure that the portions are smaller. This will help you to avoid binge eating.

8. Don’t eat out of the box: Take individual servings of snacks. Do not eat from the whole box or packet. Eating out of the packet makes you eat more than you normally would for you have no idea or control over how much you have eaten!

9.Pause: Before reaching out for that snack, pause for a while! Are you really hungry? Or are you just eating because you are bored or have nothing to do? Distract yourself with some other activity before eating, this way you may not crave food after 10 minutes.

10. Keep away from the buffets: Buffets are tempting because we want to fill up our plates will all the goods! Keep a low calorie or non caloric drink in your hand to interfere with taking too much food.

11. Exercise regularly: Exercising helps to burn off those calories and keeps your body fit.

12. Hobby: Indulge yourself in relaxing, fun hobbies to stay away from food.

13. Stay dedicated: No matter what people do to push you into eating more, do not give into the temptation. Refuse politely to stay focused and dedicated on your goal!

Follow these simple tips to avoid binge eating!

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