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Secret Santa: 10 Products That Are Sure to Delight

If you work in an office environment, it is very likely you have participated in a "Secret Santa" gift exchange.

And while the experience of it all is certainly fun, friendly, and playful, it can often be a challenge to think up the perfect gift (especially with budget limits).

This year, I wanted to make it easy for you by picking 10 of my favorite products and product types, all of which are perfect for any skincare or makeup lover!

Product 1: Give Variety - If you have absolutely no idea what your recipient might want, it is always nice to pick something that gives a little bit of variety. And, with the Alana Mitchell All Skin Types Set, you can be sure you're purchasing products that will be effective for any skin type! I have received GREAT feedback on these products, and you can count on your giftee finding at least a couple of the products useful!

Product 2: Lip Balm - I have never met anybody who didn't enjoy a good lip balm, especially during the cold, dry, winter months. Reaching for a more "luxury" lip balm allows your giftee to enjoy something they likely otherwise wouldn't have tried on their own while delivering beautiful (and often times soothing) results. I have been loving Eminence Organics' Citrus Lip Balm this fall/winter season.

Product 3: A Bubble Bath - No, you are not going to draw your co-worker a bath! But getting them a product that will turn their ordinary tub into a sweetly-scented (and bubbly) oasis can be a fun surprise. Tokyo Milk's Bubble Baths are a fantastic option, as they offer a luxurious scent and bubbles while enveloping the skin in beautifying botanical ingredients.

Product 4: Hand Cream - If you do not need a hand cream during the cold winter months, consider yourself lucky! Even the oiliest of skin types can often suffer from uncomfortably dry hands when the weather shifts from hot to cold, which is why you can never go wrong by gifting a hand cream! Look for formulas that offer moisture and nutrients for optimal results. I have been keeping a Rhonda Allison Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream in my bag as of recently, and have been delighted with the results!

Product 5: Body Lotion - Much like the hands, your body can become extremely dry during the winter months. So, a gift of body lotion is not only easy (everyone is likely to enjoy it), but welcomed. If you are looking for a body lotion that smells AMAZING with moisturizing, tightening, and anti-aging benefits, consider Image's Body Spa Rejuvenating Body Lotion.

Product 6: Foot or Body Scrub - I am sure you are catching a theme here: body products are a popular option. The reason why I love foot scrubs is that they adhere to this theme while stepping out of the "lotion" realm. This will allow your giftee to enjoy a little TLC at home while sloughing away dead skin cells for softer, smoother feet. This Bamboo Scrub by Rhonda Allison can do double-duty!

Product 7: Moisturizing Lip Gloss - While it is difficult to select a lipstick color your giftee is sure to adore, a lip gloss (typically sheerer) is almost always more forgiving. Take notice of their typical makeup habits; are they more fun, bold, or natural? Once you get an idea as to what they enjoy, you can go from there! If you worry that a lip gloss might not be the right choice, opt for a lip balm. Alana Mitchell Skincare happens to offer both of these products.

Product 8: Face Mask - I love gifting face masks to friends, but there is a general rule to follow here. Unless you are very close with your Secret Santa giftee, opt for a mask that is more indulgent and luxurious, rather than specific. You really don't know what types of skin concerns your giftee might have, and you certainly would not want them to think you are implying anything by giving them your favorite anti-wrinkle, pore shrinking, skin tightening mask ;). Go with something delectable and soothing, like Rhonda Allison's Chocolate Antioxidant Mask, which feels great and smells amazing!

Product 9: Nail Polish - Does your giftee wear nail polish? Perfect! Select a nail polish (or two) that you think they would like and grab it for them. OPI makes so many fabulous colors that you might even want to pick one up for yourself!

Product 10: A Candle - I am personally a huge candle person. They smell amazing a lend a cozy ambiance, especially during the holiday season. Pure Fiji Island Candles are amazing for a tropical vibe, while Lollia offers beautiful candles that could double as table decor. If you worry your giftee will not enjoy anything skincare/makeup based, a candle is always a great way to go!

Beauty mates, do you have any Secret Santa ideas/recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below!

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