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Along with looking great at a holiday party, a girl has to SMELL good! Never underestimate the power of scent! How can you make your favorite perfume last all night? Check it out!

How, Where, When and What you Apply Makes a Difference!

Lollia Imagine

How: Layering your fragrance will make the scent last longer. Layering begins during the shower. Use soap, shower gel, shampoo or conditioner of your desired scent. After toweling yourself dry, slather lotion or fragrant moisturizer. A lotion with the same scent is an excellent way to extend your your perfume. If you don't have a matching lotion, apply an unscented one. Try Epicuren After Bath ($12) for a rich and scent free body lotion. If you decide to use a lotion with a different scent, make sure that it doesn't clash with your perfume. Some scents also come in talc form, so dust all over your body before getting dressed. Lollia makes some of the most romantic, beautiful, and fresh fragrances I know of! Their products come in everything from soap to perfume so layering is easy!

Does Jennifer prefer floral or spicy scents?

Where: Pulse points play a major role in where to apply perfume. These areas produce heat and, in turn, releases the scent of your perfume! The pulse points are located at the temples, the base of the throat, between the breasts, the wrists, the bend of the elbow. Pulse points you should pay more attention to are at the back of the knees and the ankles. Since scent travels up, these locations give more bang for your buck. Don’t apply behind your ears – instead, go for the jaw line, close to the ear. There are certain glands behind the ears that will interact with the smell of your perfume.

When: To make the scent long lasting, spritz your perfume right after you shower while your pores are still open. Spray perfume before putting on any clothes or before wearing jewelry. Some perfumes leave stains on clothing and accessories, especially synthetic fibers and pearls.

After Bath Unscented

What: Body mist, body sprays or anything that are light bottled scents don't tend to last long. Eau de Toilettes, Eau de Parfums and Eau de Colognes are more expensive but will last longer becuase they contain more of the scented oils. Remember, the trick to perfume application is not quantity, but quality. The longer your perfume lasts when you wear it, the less you have to use it as you’ll find there may not be a need to reapply. I love to vary my fragrance from time to time. Don’t feel inhibited about trying new perfumes every 3-4 months, or along with the changes of the seasons!

What about Nicole?

Alright, ladies- get your scent on! Keep in mind, if you have fair or dry skin, your perfume is going to wear off faster than those with oily or darker skin. Don't be afraid to carry some in your purse for an afternoon touch up:)

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