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Rosacea Skin Care Tips

Living with rosacea can be very frustrating. From severe redness, to persistent blemish-like bumps, to a constant blush and more, this skin condition can be testy to deal with, which is why I want to share some of my favorite rosacea skincare tips with you! So, are you ready to reduce your symptoms of rosacea? Here are the skincare tips I have found to help best!

Rosacea Tips

Choose Rosacea-Specific Products - I know it may be tempting to reach for whatever is new and hot on the market, however it is essential that you shop for your skin type specifically. Rosacea-specific products are typically chock-full of calming ingredients, which will help to soothe your skin and reduce redness. Also do your best to avoid products with artificial fragrances , as these can often lead to a rosacea flare-up. Lastly, if a product isn't formulated specifically for rosacea, look for key words including: calming, soothing, gentle, extra-sensitive, delicate, and anti-redness or anti-irritation. Some fabulous ingredients to look for include: white tea, chamomile, and sea whip. I am a huge fan of Rhonda Allison's Rosacea Serum, and have seen many of my rosacea clients use it with fabulous results! Glymed Plus Cell Science Rosacea Relief is another fabulous option.

Never Over-Exfoliate - I am a huge advocate of exfoliating your skin, but it is important to know when enough is enough if you struggle with rosacea. Over-exfoliation with this skin condition can lead to inflamed, reactive skin that is both red and uncomfortable. My best advice for this is to consult a medical esthetician in helping you find a product that is gentle enough for your skin, and to assist you in how to use it.

ALWAYS Do a Patch Test - I recommend this to each and every one of my Beauty Mates, but this is especially important for those with highly reactive skin. I always do a test strip on my hand first, then one on the side of my neck/lower jaw if the first run was successful. Give your skin a full 24 hours on each patch test to show any signs of irritation before deciding the product is fine for your face. I have had products that did not irritate my hand, but heavily irritated my facial skin.

Don't Forget to Moisturize - Dry skin can quickly become flaky and irritated, leaving your potential for a flare-up even higher than usual. Be sure to keep your skin moisturized to avoid this mishap. If your skin is already to the point of irritation, try gentle, natural oils to soothe your skin. I am a huge fan of rosehip seed, acovado, and jojoba oils! I love 302 Skincare's Sensitive Drops Rx, not only for rosacea skin types, but for my skin as well!

Soothe with Cold Products - I love using cold products on my skin, simply because it is soothing. This is a fabulous way to enjoy your beauty products, while keeping flare-ups at bay. I also recommend cleansing with cold or tepid water if you are in the midst of irritation. B. Kamins' Soothing Cleanser feels great when paired with cold/lukewarm water, and delivers serious soothing results.

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