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Rhonda Allison - How to Naturally Grow Out Your Hair

Something about the change in the year makes a gal want to change-up her look. If that includes growing out last fall's bob or summer's spur of the moment chop, read on how rhonda allison product line can help!

Rhonda Allison Lauren Conrad is a Hiar Icon!

If you want to increase your hair growth, it’s important to know what causes it to get weak. Things like stress, bad diet and an unhealthy life style damages hair. Before taking a journey towards length, make choices that will give you the shiny, healthy locks you want.

Stimulate your Scalp: Stimulating your scalp is a great way to keep your hair follicles in working order. You can massage your scalp while you shampoo it and again when you brush it. If you get into the habit of massaging your scalp at certain times it will be as routine as brushing your hair. I also recommend trying hot oil massage; it will give your hair a healthy shine. You can use coconut oil or olive oil for an at home option. If you want the star treatment, try Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Infused Brush ($29.50). It has oil in the brissles for an easy, mess free application.

Rhonda Allison Natural Oil Brush

Super Foods: Certain foods definitely help with hair growth because of the nutrients and other elements they contain. Start by making sure you are getting enough protein. Items like yogurt, dairy, seafood, lentils, rice and foods that contain whole grains, silica and iron have been linked to healthy hair growth. You can also take vitamin C to help your body absorb iron.

Super Bad Foods: You're not going to like this...foods that contain caffeine, sugar, and the bad kind of fat can cause damage to your hair sucks..I know.

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H2O: Drinking enough water is paramount to growing healthy locks. Dehydration is hard on every part of your body, including your hair.

Chill Out: Part of growing your hair out is keeping the hair you do have in good shape. One of the best things you can do to prevent hair loss is to fight stress. Easier said than done, right? Take a walk, exercise regularly, reading and making time for sleep are some of the best stress fighters I know.

Care for Your Hair: Avoid any kind of bleaches, dyes, tints or other chemical treatments while growing your hair. Thankfully, the beauty industry has come a long way in developing natural henna and herbal dyes. Using extreme heat to style your hair can damage your roots as well, so choose wisely!

Be Gentle: In general, treat your hair like your crown. Avoid brushing your hair too vigorously. Make sure you keep your hair free of knots by detangling it with your fingers. You should avoid combing your hair just after washing because the hair is at its most vulnerable state while wet.

There you have it! The best tips I know for growing healthy locks without taking pills, sewing in extensions or sporting a wig;) Good luck on your journey!!

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