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After a while, I know I get bored with my look and style. I often look in magazines for new tips or read about ways that I can liven up my makeup. Following a routine every morning is not necessarily fun. Recently, I have found some great tips that can help us all to revitalize our look and style!

  • Foundation Brush: I know it is tempting to use your fingers, but it is very important to use a brush when applying foundation. This will prevent the “streaky” look and protect your face from the oils on your fingers. Apply it in a back and forth manner and where extra application is required, pat it with a brush. I love how using a brush gives my skin a flawless, seamless look with even application. Trust me ladies, uneven foundation is noticeable and not attractive!
  • Conceal: After a certain age, a woman needs to use three types of concealers (yes I know aging is not fun). One is to cover brown spots, one for dark circles and one for the tired looking under-eyes. Use an opaque camouflage cream to cover up the spots, a tinted cream in peach to cover up the dark circles and a shimmering pink highlighter pen to light up the dull eyes. This will help us all to look less tired and younger! Beautiful!
  • Makeup Base: Aging skin requires more hydration as it loses its moisture and dulls. For applying makeup smoothly, use retinols and anti oxidant rich products. These help to give the skin a firmer and smoother feel. Application of makeup will be smoother and the makeup will blend more evenly
  • Hair Color: The right hair color can enhance the skin and make your hair look thicker than it is. Very few women have great looking gray hair, so it is best to color the hair with the perfect, natural looking color. Use highlights to enhance the hair and hide the visible scalp
  • Define your Brows: Even if your hair, clothes, and makeup are perfect, bad brows can ruin your look. Use a pencil to fill and extend your brows. This defines and enhances your eyes and gives your whole look a sharp and clean feel. If your brows are going through an “awkward” stage which I know we all have had, camouflage the brows by cutting your bangs.
  • Pink lips: Instead of using earthy colors, beiges, bronze and neutral color, go for pinks and berry colors. This adds color to the face and gives a warm feeling. I have the 100% Pure Pink Berry Lip Gloss on right now!
  • Perfect Look: For achieving the perfect look, take care of small things and groom yourself. Keep your hair free from frizz and trim regularly. Pedicure your feet, use scrubs, exfoliate and wear clean crisp clothes. Look well groomed and avoid being careless with the way you appear! have a flawless look

With these tips, hopefully you will have a little more fun experimenting with your makeup. Try putting on a berry colored lip gloss this afternoon for a fun change!


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