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Replace Injections with Lip Plumpers and Lip Enhancers

Injections can sometimes lead to disastrous results; we’ve all seen the girl who became overly fond of injections in her lips, and now she has deformed lips that are so grossly big, you have to wonder what compelled her to do it in the first place. Someone must not have told that model about lip plumpers, and how effective they can be, if used correctly (not to mention NATURAL LOOKING). With lip plumpers, you won’t look like a Botox nightmare. Instead, you’ll have beautiful, full lips that look like the ones you were born with. Here are a few inexpensive lip plumpers that I have tried and that I continue to use on a weekly basis depending on the occasion.

Glo Minerals Lip Plumper is applied exactly like a lip-gloss, because it essentially is one (except, of course, with the added benefit of adding volume to your lips.) It contains natural ingredients to nourish lips while plumping lips. It can be applied before you put on your favorite lipstick shade, or you can apply it alone for a sexy nude look. The only downside is I wish they had more colors. Buy it here for only $16 with free shipping.

TaberCo Inc Collagen Booster Lip Treatment is effective after only one month of regular use. It uses collagen to add an adorable pout that every woman wants to achieve. It’s clear, but has a slight sparkle to it to reflect light off of lips, drawing extra attention to them. It moisturizes and increases lip size by 40%. Buy it here for 14.95

The Model in a Bottle Lip Conditioning and Lipstick Sealer is not as much of a plumper, but a combo lip color sealer and conditioner in one convenient container. When used with a plumper, it will help those plump lips last! Works great for sealing lipstick too. The creamy part, or conditioner, moisturizes and protects while preparing the lips for color. Use your favorite lipstick and the sealer to ensure your lip color will last all day. It has no harsh dyes or perfumes, and it prevent lip color from smearing, bleeding, or fading. Buy it here for $28.00

Girls, why do we submit ourselves to harmful, unnatural looking Botox injections, when you can use products that are all natural, significantly less expensive, and will look much better in the long run? Replace Botox with lip plumpers and get naturally beautiful lips today!

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