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My Quick & Easy Tutorial for an Everyday Makeup Look

I absolutely love getting ultra-glam with my makeup, just not on an everyday basis. However, I do want to share my quick-and-easy everyday makeup routine with YOU to help you feel fresh, beautiful, and confident in just a few simple steps. Have fun with it! Remember you can always ad your own personal twist to your beauty routine. Are you ready for it? Enjoy Beauty Mates!

Step 1: first things first, I want you to curl your lashes and apply your mascara on your top lashes only. I wear eyelash extensions so I get to skip this step, which helps me save time. Two of my favorite mascaras include: Blinc Mascara, Youngblood Mineral Lengthening Mascara, and Emani Soy Mascara.

Step 2: apply your tinted sunscreen. Yes, I said tinted sunscreen instead of foundation! This is a fabulous way to get natural looking coverage while allowing your skin to breath. Since tinted sunscreens come in limited shades, I often mix and match to get the perfect shade for me. I love Lucrece SPF 30 Light Tint , Image Skincare Prevention+ Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30, and Suntegrity *5-in-1* BB Cream.

Step 3: apply your concealer. I like to use Image Skincare Conceal Flawless Foundation in Natural for fabulous coverage and SPF protection. Also, I highly recommend mixing some of your tinted moisturizer or regular moisturizer with your concealer to avoid drying/caking throughout the day. I'd say to use about 1/3 moisturizer and 2/3 concealer. Be sure to blend!

Step 4: now its time for a light powder foundation, or a lot of people like to use a translucent setting powder as well. I like La Bella Donna's Minerals On The Go for a quick and easy sweep to set my tinted moisturizer and concealer for the day. This will really help to keep your makeup looking fresh while reducing oil and shine throughout the day.

Step 5: eyeliner time! For everyday makeup I always go with a more neutral shade, such as brown, and I try not to go too bold with it. A lot of people wear black on a daily basis, which looks fabulous for occasions but is not really necessary for every day makeup. I like to use my La Bella Donna Down to Earth Shadow Quad and a Tilted Liner Brush to make my eyes pop.

Step 6: now its time to apply your highlighter. I like Youngblood's Eye Illuminating Duo because it comes with the option for a matte or shimmer finish. I really like the shimmer side to help brighten up my eye area.

Step 7: we are now going to apply our eyeshadow. Again, I personally love La Bella Donna's Down to Earth Shadow Quad. Remember this is quick and easy so we aren't going to go crazy and use all four colors to create a dramatic eye look. All you need is a few sweeps of one of the neutral colors for a natural-yet-defined look.

Step 8: now its time to apply our mascara to your lower lashes!

Step 9: last but not least, its time to apply your lip gloss. I love all of the La Bella Donna Baci Baci Moisturizing Lip Sheers, and in my video I am using Prism. It looks much more natural than a traditional lipstick and helps keep my lips healthy and moisturized!

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