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Products to Embrace for Fall 2014

Hello Beauty Mates! Today I want to talk about the products you should be reaching to this fall season. Now, keep in mind that your skin type has a lot to do with which products will work best for you. These are my general recommendations based on the many cold-weather skincare concerns I have received from my clients over the years. Are you ready for it?

Product Picks: Fall 2014

Embrace Cleansing Lotions - I don't know about you, but I tend to experience drier skin in the fall and winter months. One of my favorite things to adopt during these seasons is a cleansing lotion, as it cleanses your skin without sucking out needed moisture. I use a regular cleanser in the AM and switch to my cleansing lotion in the PM, as it is amazing for dissolving away makeup!

Keep Up The SPF - I will never stop hammering this point, it is essential that you use an SPF product throughout the day. There are many products out there that combine SPF with moisture, or makeup, and can be reapplied throughout the day! Remember, the gloomier weather of fall does not mean your skin is safe from the sun. In fact, clouds can often magnify the harmful effects of UV rays.

Exfoliate Your Skin - I recommend exfoliating in all seasons, but this becomes even more essential in the Fall. How you choose to exfoliate is completely up to you! Many products offer you the option to exfoliate daily, while others are meant only for weekly use. Just be sure to read the directions, and you are set for beautiful, glowing, healthy skin this holiday season!

Indulge in a Hydrating Mask - I love using a mask after exfoliating my face. It is important to note that many "masques" are actually exfoliants that you leave on and then wash off. I am speaking in regards to hydrating masks. I have recently fallen in love with June Jacob's Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque and highly recommend it for a deep, hydrating experience!

Discovery Exfoliating Serums - I adore serums, and exfoliating serums are the best skin for beautiful skin during the fall & winter months! As you can probably guess, these types of serums will help to slough away dead skin while delivering essential nutrients to the skin. Mad Hippie makes a wonderful Exfoliating Serum.

If you would like more advice on how to nourish and nurture your skin this fall/winter, my medical estheticians and I are here Monday-Friday during business hours to assist you!


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