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Post-Sun Recovery: Epicuren's Got You Covered!

Even though summer has wound down and is officially over, an Indian summer always seems to kick in with unseasonably warm weather from late September all the way through October. I love my time in the sun just as much as the next Southern Californian resident and I try to soak up all the natural vitamin D I can get (safely, of course)! While I’m good with remembering to protect my skin with a good broad-spectrum sunscreen, my skin will start to feel a little parched after a couple hours spent outside, but luckily Epicuren, one of my favorite skincare lines, has got me covered.

Skincare by Alana is excited to carry Epicuren's NEW Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist!Epicuren recently launched their Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist and I am completely smitten! There’s nothing better than a quick refreshing pick-me-up through out your day, right? Like every Epicuren product, the Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist is made with the best ingredients nature has to offer; with a blend of ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Cucumber Extract and Peppermint Extract that work together to replenish, soothe, and heal on contact. Conveniently coming in a 4oz container, this product is essential to anyone’s handbag to instantly revive skin. It’s ultra-light, hydrosol based formulation will rehydrate your skin and leave you feeling cool, calm, collected and looking your absolute best all day long!

Hydrosol? Pardon?

While it can sound a tad foreign and intimidating, hydrosol is actually an extremely beneficial skincare ingredient! Hydrosol acts as a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and with its mild acidic properties it can also act as a gentle antiseptic. In layman’s terms, Hydrosols can be compared to oils, but remain far less concentrated. The result when utilized with the right products can give you beautiful effects.

In Closing

Southern Californian weather definitely throws a few curve balls our way, with its temperamental, ever-changing climates. And while I love being outside, soaking up the rays I always make sure to turn to Epicuren’s finest products to rescue me. Thanks to an array of wonderful, natural skin care products, the only thing I have to worry about is choosing what sun-soaked activity to indulge in!

An Extra Tip

While the Refresh Aloe Cucumber Spray can be a miracle skin saver - it can also be used to revitalize your hair after being outdoors, making it perfect for a camping trips, or long days at the beach!


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