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I get so many questions about mixing different products, with different ingredients, from different product lines with each other. This is a hot topic, ladies get themselves into so much trouble this way! I think the below interaction with one of my customers highlights how you should approach this topic.


I am a big fan of the Epicuren product line and have been happy with it. How much is the Epicuren retinol or do you prefer the skinceuticals retinol?


The main reason I am recommending Epicuren over Skinceuticals in this case, is because you mentioned your past success with Epicuren Discovery products. Sometimes, the grass looks greener on the other side, but it still needs to be mowed right? Ultimately it is your call, but I have noticed over the years that ladies get themselves into so much trouble by mixing different product lines and different ingredients!

Certainly the benefits are there for mixing the right products, with good ingredients from different product lines. Be Careful. Know your ingredients well. Ask the experts. The better you know your skin care ingredients, the better your skin will look! I prefer to take the safe route, which is to stick with the product line that works well for your skin's individual DNA.

Since I do not use retinol currently, I can not tell you which one I prefer for myself. For you, I would recommend Epicuren's Retinol over Skinceuticals. Epicuren's Retinol 1/2 ounce product runs for $48, and contains about 1% retinol. Skinceuticals 1oz 1% retinol product runs for $50. Keep in mind, the Skinceuticals retinol is a better deal, so I do not blame you if you want to try theirs, but hear me out!

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