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Chocolates, fizzy drinks, coffee, and tea can leave some not so attractive stains on your white teeth. This causes our pearly whites begin to look… well... not so pearly white. There are plenty of ways that we can keep our teeth white and stain free by monitoring the drinks and foods we eat. You may take great care in oral hygiene, keeping the teeth looking white and bright, but what you eat and drink is very important. What you put in your mouth can stain teeth and make whitening toothpastes less effective. Below are some of the things you should avoid if you want a brighter smile:

Chocolates: Chocolate is delicious but it can also stain your teeth. If you are looking for whiter teeth, it is advisable watch your cravings on this indulgence.

  • Cola: Colas can stain your teeth and also cause damage to the gums and teeth. Colas contain both harmful sugars and acids. You should definitely watch intake of colas for better teeth. Goodbye diet coke.
  • Tea: Black tea can stain your teeth but not necessarily green teas or herbal infusions. Avoid black tea for those pearly white teeth and load up on those tasty green teas!
  • Coffee: Coffee can stain teeth and should be avoided for whiter teeth. If you are to drink coffee, or any of these, try to rinse your mouth out immediately after finishing. Once again, green tea is a great alternative for your morning wake up.
  • Fruit Punch: Any colored fruit drinks and fruit juices can stain the teeth as bad as they stain the clothes. Look out for the sugar content of that “juice”, some are about as bad as sodas! Fruits like black grapes and purple grapes too can affect the color of your teeth.
  • Blueberries: Blueberries juice and skin has a natural semi permanent dye. This will obviously affect the teeth, but the stain is not permanent.
  • Cigarettes: Cigarettes can badly stain the teeth and make it look yellow. Quit cigarettes for better looking teeth and avoiding unsightly discolorations. Also as we all know, cigarettes are never good for overall health and appearance.

Avoid the above items for a better-looking smile. Once you start to follow these tips, try a dark colored lip stick to emphasize those pearly whites!

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