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Outsmart Allergies

Want to go through spring without all of the sneezing, coughing and runny nose? Read on and follow these simple steps to help keep away those nasty allergies away this year:

  • Pets and Carpets: Pets and carpets increase the chances of obtaining allergies in your house. Clutter is also responsible for many allergic reactions. Clutter attracts a lot of dust and pollen particles. Pets pick up pollens from outside and bring them inside home and onto carpet. These are a storehouse of dust and pollen because these particles cling on to the fibers of the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner and wipe your pets with a damp cloth before he or she enters the house. Keep the shoes, coats and other items used outside of your door. But if you cant, make sure to keep a foot mat at the door to wipe feet off before entering the house. Shoes can bring in many kinds of dust, dirt and pollens.
  • Sleep in: The trees and grass need warmth and a moist atmosphere to pollinate, therefore there is always an excess of pollens during the early hours of the morning. It is best to avoid exercising in the wee hours of the morning. If you do go for a jog or a run, always have a nice shower after you get back. Hair attracts pollen; so make sure to wash your hair well too.
  • Vacation on the beach: Spending a vacation at the beach is a great option for those who get allergies because there is lack of vegetation and only pure breezes. This reduces the chance of obtaining allergies by avoiding allergens.
  • Notice the warning signs early: If you inhale any irritants, sneezing will actually help clear them. The allergens irritate our nerve endings and cause sneezing or a stuffy nose. Infection can causes the greenish or yellowish mucus but a cold should not last for more than a week.
  • Find the pollen that irritates you: Your doctor can help you to figure out which kind of pollen irritates you. Keep track of the flare ups and customize your treatment accordingly.
  • Roll up the car windows: Keep the windows up while driving and keep your car clean by vacuuming frequently.
  • Switch on the AC: Keeping the AC will keep allergens at bay. Moist climate attracts pollens, so keep the humidifiers away.

  • Clutter free bedroom: Since a person spends most of their time in the bedroom, keep it clutter free. Clutter attracts and traps dusts, which can cause allergies. Clear off the books, wash the sheets and clean your pillowcases regularly.
  • Watch out for foods: Some fruits can trigger off allergic reactions. People with allergies to trees should be aware of pears, apples and peaches. People with grass allergies should be aware of celery and melons.

  • Choose your chair: Choose a chair that can be easily wiped. Leave the cushy chairs out; instead opt for leather or vinyl chairs.
  • Start the meds before it kicks in: Try taking an anti allergy medicine to block the receptors of histamines before the allergy attacks you. Do not wait for the sneezing to begin before you take the medicine, it will not be as effective.
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