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NEW Clarisonic - Perfect For The Holidays!

I am SO incredibly excited about the new Clarisonic treats that just launched! First we have their complete new system, the Clarisonic Pedi! This makes for a fabulous as a gift to your loved ones or yourself! I would have loved this product over sandals season, but with holiday parties right around the corner, now is the perfect time to polish your feet!

Clarisonic Pedi

CLARISONIC PEDI | SKINCARE BY ALANA | FEET | FOOT | CLEANSING BRUSH | BEAUTIFUL | SANDALS | HEELS | TOES | RADIANT | SKINCARE BY ALANAWhether you are looking to beautify your feet, or simply want something that is fun and relaxing at the end of the day, Clarisonic's new Pedi System will be perfect for you! This new system was designed to smooth and soften dull, rough feet in the comfort of your own home. It is sonically designed to counteract the factors that cause dry, rough patches, especially around the heels and toes. Basically - you will have sandle-ready feet.

Summer may be over, but holiday party season is just around the corner! Meaning heels, heels, and more heels. Make sure your feet are looking their best.

So, what sets this aside from Clarisonic's PRO Face & Body System? The Pedi is precision-engineered with an entirely new motor that runs at a powerful "foot frequency" that safely but effectively exfoliates dry, rough foot skin. The facial brushes run at a "face frequency" which is gentler and therefore not as effective on your feet. You also get a wet/dry buffing brush head with the Pedi system.

I know it may be tempting but DO NOT use your Clarisonic Facial Bursh Heads on the Pedi Device. This new device is meant to be used on the feet only, and should not be used on the face or other areas. Remember, the skin on your feet is much tougher than the gentler skin on the rest of your body. The Pedi was designed specifically for the feet and is not meant for use on any other area of the body.


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