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We all know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and everyone has a different perception about beauty. For some it is about makeup, for some about plastic surgery, and for many others, they just want the latest hairstyles and trends. Beauty is natural and from within, so we should treat it as such. Here are some organic beauty products and tips to keep your natural self beautiful.

  • Use Natural Products: Think nature…and more nature! Using natural organic products is good for the skin, as they do not contain chemicals and artificial extras. To cleanse the face, use cheesecloth that is hundred percent natural. Using natural products will leave your skin unharmed and smelling fantastic.natural products will provide your face a smooth, vibrant texture
  • Facial cleanser recipe: Here is a facial cleanser recipe that can also be used for the entire body and suits all types of skin.

The ingredients required:

120 ml of distilled water, 100 ml of grape seed oil, 5 g of beeswax, ½ tsp of borax powder. One can use few drops of essential oils like rosemary oil, lavender oil and orange oil as well. The use of essential oils is optional.

For making the recipe, place the grape seed oil and the beeswax in a heatproof measuring cup. Boil water in a saucepan and place the measuring cup in it, this will melt the wax and oil together. Stir regularly during the heating and melting process, then remove from heat and let mixture cool. Warm the distilled water and dissolve the borax powder in the water. Pour the cooled oil and wax mixture in a bowl and add the borax mixture little by little while beating with a hand held mixer. Beat until your mixture reaches a thick creamy consistency. This is the time where you would add the essential oils if you like. Mix well till the oils blend and apply to face. This sounds like it is a lot work, but it is definitely worth it; trust me!100% pure is vegan and all natural

  • Natural Look: Use makeup using natural ingredients to enhance natural beauty and not mask it. Avoid the crazy look that covers who your true beauty.
  • Flowing hair: Show off your hair by leaving it natural and open. Grow your hair and use natural products only. There are a ton of options of natural products and different styles you can do with long hair. Have fun with it!
  • Natural Blush: For a natural blush on your cheeks, try pinching your cheeks.

This will give you a rosy blush look without any chemicals.

  • Natural pink lips: There is a natural substitute for lipsticks! Lemons help to enhance the color of the lips by increasing the flow of blood to the lips. This makes the lips look redder and full.

Love yourself: Last but not the least, one should love oneself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should see the natural beauty of your color, complexion, smile and hair. Low self esteem can make you feel bad about yourself. Love your natural state and you will glow. I believe that confidence is key. Confident people give off a natural beauty that will make anyone notice them


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