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Makeup Tips For Women Over Fifty

A Lot of things change as women get older. One of these changes occurs in the way we apply makeup and the way we take care our skin. The makeup trends we used to wear during our teen years may not be applicable now. The makeup techniques you used in your 30s may not be fashionable in your 50s. This is the time to experiment and find new and exciting ways to look glamorous even with matured skin.

Less is More

A lot of older women with mature skin tend to go over-the-top when it comes to applying foundation to hide those wrinkles. Actually, it works the other way around. The more foundation you apply, the more the wrinkles are highlighted. It is good advice to use a tinted moisturizer and apply more of it on the parts that require an even skin tone.

Ditch the Powder

During our younger years, we tend to finish off our look by applying powder. But this technique doesn’t work for mature women. Just like the foundation, over application of powder will accentuate the wrinkles even more.

Conceal your crows feet

Let’s face the facts; crowsfeet is something that we can’t avoid. These fine lines in the corners of our eyes are one of the signs of aging. Try not to go overboard on applying your concealer on those pesky crows feet, rather, dab a small amount on the areas required. Pat the concealer with your ring finger for an even effect.

Saggy eyelids

Some women apply too much eye makeup to hide those saggy eyelids. Instead, try putting on less eye makeup, and curling your eyelashes instead. Do not apply mascara on your bottom lashes, rather, apply two coats on your top lashes. Using an eyelash curler will help liven up your skin and make it the focal point of your face.

Pump up those pouts

Make the most out of your lips. Your lips can be the center of attention by using a lip-plumper. Applying a shiny lip gloss or using a light balm will also help to keep your lips looking fresh and youthful.


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