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Lose Weight Like A Man!

Have you ever wondered why it is so much easier for a man to lose weight than it is for us women? I know I do! My man can eat tons yet still lose weight quickly while I need to completely change my diet and workout routine. I wish I could make it as simply as he does! Thankfully, I have found some strategies that my husband and other men use to lose the flab!! To lose weight like they do, try these tips:

  • Focus: We all know women are multi-taskers and most men tend to be better at focusing on one thing at time. Because of this, let’s try to have a better mindset and focus on the worst diet habit we have. Now, give that up! Make a fitness goal and work towards achieving it.
  • Don’t get worked up: Men tend to not become as worked up about physical issues as much as women. I know if my husband wants a cookie, he eats that cookie! Adopt this attitude and focus more on your fitness goal. A lot of women who deprive themselves of one delicious cookie during the week, end up with more calories in different foods by splurging during their one meal a week that they “cheat.”
  • Intensify your workouts: Men tend to have a more intense work out and are to burn calories quicker. Up the intensity on your own workouts and lose the extra flab faster.
  • Ego: How many times have you seen a man at the gym trying to use more weight than the guy next to him? Or how about those men that talk about how much they can bench press? Surprisingly enough, egos do motivate one to work out! Link your workouts to your ego too. Talk about your workouts and compare to your friends and let your competitive side take over! Let your ego motivate you and be prideful when you have achieved results!
  • Food is only fuel: Eat when hungry and not when you are emotionally disturbed, sad or bored! A man eats when he is hungry and does not link any emotions to it. Eating from boredom is one of the worst ways to put on weight. Eat healthy food while indulging in your favorite food once in a while without any guilt. Treat food as fuel required by the body, but only “fill up” at your normal meal times. I know it’s tempting to eat back when you have a bad day but show some self control!
  • Weights to lose weight: Pick up those weights in the gym instead of spending all your time on the machines. This way you will tone your body and make it firmer. Strength training should be done by women too. Remember: muscle burns more than fat!
  • Just do it: Yeah, don’t waste time planning and postponing. Just get out of bed, think positive, and start doing your exercises. Men tend to start an exercise regimen without much planning and start off quick while women waste time in planning out. The earlier you start exercising, the earlier you start losing the weight! I love to take exercise classes such as spinning or kickboxing, because you can actually have fun while working out.
  • Real Food: Men do not bother about picking up food with ‘low fat’ labels on them. They reach out for real food and snacks. Eat foods like fruits, nuts, cheese sticks, etc. that push you towards your dietary needs and goals.
  • Perform better: Set goals before each workout. Instead of only seeing your work out sessions as a goal for losing weight, make each session better by measuring that day’s performance. We all know that goal setting is an effective method of motivation.
  • Keep the faith: Do not lose hope if you miss one session or overeat one day. Make up for it the next day. Chocolate is still your friend .
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