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Lip Plumper’s: How Do I Choose?

These days, there is a wide variety of lip products to choose from. With all these products on the market, finding the right lip plumper to achieve fuller and youthful lips, may be difficult. Luckily, there are options that can help us choose the right one.

Natural lip-plumpers contain ingredients (ginger, spiced oils and cinnamon) that may cause your lips to swell and thus appear fuller. Some women find this to be a bit irritating or uncomfortable. However, it is much cheaper than paying for a cosmetic procedure. If you are using this product, be sure to retouch your lips every hour to keep those lips looking luscious!

Chemical lip plumper’s contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or marine collagen. These lip plumpers also contain peptides that can help you maintain the fuller pout all day without the tingling sensation.

Whether you are choosing a natural or chemical lip plumper, always keep a look out for these important benefits:

Hydration: This will ensure that your lips stay moisturized

Fine line reduction: Helps to prevent fine lines on your lips

The right color: Some products come in a specific shade!

How you apply and wear your makeup definitely affects your appearance. Here is a simple tip: using a lip liner, draw a line around the outside of your lips, rather than on your actual lip line. Next, simply add your favorite lip plumper! By doing this, your lips will appear much fuller.

Another good trick to try is by applying your usual lipstick then adding a dab of a glossy or frosty shade over it. Blending it well will create a more natural look.

With these tips, we should be able to find a lip plumper that works perfect for us!

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