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Lifestyle Tips For Beautiful Skin

OKAY, so most of my blog posts incorporate what products I recommend for beautiful skin. But today I want to discuss the simple lifestyle changes you can make in an effort to improve your skin and slow down the signs of aging. Thats right, many of these things wont cost you a penny, and can significantly improve your appearance. So as far as I am concerned, you have nothing to lose ;) Are you ready to learn some new skin-enhancing lifestyle tips?! Enjoy!

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Live Better, Look Better

  • Never Skip A Meal - I have many many friends and clients who admit to skipping breakfast. And on that super-busy, I-am-running-so-late day we all have every once in a while, that is forgivable But a huge part of having good skin is to get your main meals daily. Why is skipping meals bad, you ask? Because skipping meals actually makes you crave high-fat, high-sugar snacks. Which will be my next topic.
  • Snack Smart - There are a few components that come along with snacking smart. First, I was you to reach for healthier snack options. I recommend things that are high-fiber, high-protein as they will keep you full longer and fight off cravings. If you must have something fatty, make it a healthy fat like avocados or almonds . Second, if you find yourself craving a snack at home round it up on a plate and take a seat! This will help you become aware of how much you are consuming. People tend to eat when they are bored, and they don't exactly monitor the amount. Yes, even I have done this snacking no-no :) Some snacks that are fabulous for your skin include: almonds, flaxseeds, tomatos, sweet potatoes , spinach, canned tuna, carrots, dark chocolate, papaya, and much more! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring!
  • Stay Hydrated - Many people start to feel hungry when they are in fact thirsty! If you recently had a snack or meal, try killing your craving with some good old fashioned water or green tea. You may be surprised by how far a cup of water can go.
  • Get Your 8 Hours - People underestimate the effects of sleep on the skin. While you sleep your skin can most effectively repair itself. So always be sure to wash your face at night, use your favorite anti-aging products, and enjoy a night of sweet sweet rest. When you look good, you feel good. But when you don't feel good it almost always shows on your face.
  • Brushing Your Teeth... Alot - This has two benefits. First, your teeth are going to look and feel great and your dental bill will surely go down. Second, almost nothing tastes good after brushing your teeth. So if you start craving a maple bar or a red velvet cupcake simply brush your teeth! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Eat Clean - Back to snacks and meals, have you ever heard the term "you are what you eat"? Well, oftentimes this is the case. We all that have one friend who can eat whatever he/she wants and their skin is still perfect and their waistline remains the same. The truth is, not all of us are blessed to that degree! Eat cleaner, fresher, healthier alternatives and your skin and general health will benefit. Go from enjoying a steak 3-4 times a week to once every 2 weeks. Indulge in fish such as salmon, and poultry such as chicken or turkey. Or if you still have a hinkering for red meat, bison and elk are a fabulous low-fat alternative. Add more veggies, choose fruit as your meal-finisher. All of these habits will benefit you over-all, not just your skin.

Simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in the quality of your skin and health in general! Which is why I absolutely love sharing them with you. Pair a lifestyle change with your favorite products and you have a recipe for gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin!



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