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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day The Right Way!

Every earth day, I enjoy a leisurely hike with my wonderful family at Top of The World Park in Laguna Beach (If you have the chance, go there. It is the most beautiful place in Orange County). For me, this is a time to relax and remember how gorgeous this Earth actually is! This past year, my husband and I have started to bring a trash bag on our walks to pick up all the litter. This is a very easy and gratifying way to take care of our great planet! Earth Day is also great because it reminds us of the simple things we should be doing that can help our environment. Recycle and reuse, never litter, clean up after those who do, or invest in ways in which we can provide a greener environment.organic cosmetics can help earth day

Earth day is about awareness, and one of the great things about working in the skin and beauty business is learning about the cool ways companies are being green and natural! Learning about the products you use is a great way to know how you can make a difference. Begin by learning about one of our favorite things we love and use: cosmetics! Eminence and 100% Pure are two of my favorite lines and they offer GREAT eco-friendly products. Consider these five reasons why we should use organic cosmetics.

1. Your skin absorbs 60% of what you apply to the surface, so, be extra careful with what we are putting on it. Organic and all natural products do not use additives that are harmful to your skin.

2. Organic ingredients provide a less toxic environment for our planet and for ourselves. Petrochemicals, synthetic colors, chemical preservations’, and fragrances are eliminated in favor of natural, healthy, effective alternatives.

3. Organic products have been proven to use less energy---a reported 30% less, and are actually beneficial to soil, local habitat and water supplies. Fewer chemicals leads to safer farms to grow so many of the things we eat and use.

4. Organics cosmetics contain bioactive ingredients that aid to the health of your skin. Anti-oxidants are powerful and effective tools that will help to fight against skin problems.

5. Because they are using real ingredients, essential oils and natural ingredients used in natural beauty products have aroma therapeutic value- they will make you smell and feel good! Keep your eye on cosmetics that label their fragrances in their products as just “fragrances” because who knows what offensive chemical combination they used to achieve it.

To stick to green and be clean!

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