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New Years Eve, Everything You Need To Know: Makeup, Hair & Quick Tips

SKINCARE BY ALANA | 2015 | HAPPY NEW YEAR | NEW YEARS MAKEUP GUIDE | MAKE UP | ANTI AGING | GLO MINERALS | YOUNGBLOOD | BLINC | EMINENCE ORGANICS | LA BELLA DONNA | MODEL IN A BOTTLEHoliday parties have been in full swing, but the biggest night of the year is almost here! If you are like me, you love to get all glammed up for a party, and you’ve probably had the dilemma of trying to keep your make up looking fabulous all night! It looks perfect when you arrive at the party, but after hours of talking, drinking, eating, and dancing the night away, your make up can start to look smudgy, sweaty, and less-than-perfect. I want to share some of my favorite and most effective tips for keeping your makeup looking fabulous all night long.

Makeup Trends to Rock

2014 was the year of the bold, so what better way to reign in the new year? From bold lips, to bold eyes, to bold brows, there are so many options to rock this New Years Eve.

Bold Lips statement lips have historically been worn during the fall and winter months only, until recently! Yes, in 2014 bold, bright, look-at-me lips were touted year round but celebs and everyday people alike. Here is an overlook at some of the hottest shades, and how the stars wore them.

  • Red – this classic shade is still a celeb favorite, both on and off the red carpet.


  • Orange – orange has been a major power player over the last few years, and has the major selling point of looking great on If one shade of orange isn’t your style, don’t be afraid to try another one! They range from loud orange, to soft coral, red orange, and more.
  • Berry – berry is known for being a pretty universal shade, and I tend to agree! Much like fuscia, this color can be worn on both ends of the spectrum; either more pink-toned or more purple-toned. This shade family is also known for brightening the appearance of your teeth!
  • Purple – yet another major power player in 2014, purple has become so popular that it comes in a wide variety of shades, meaning anyone can rock it regardless of their skin tone, type, and style. Try a subdued brown-purple for a milder look, or go full-blown Lorde with a dark, statement shade.
  • Fuscia – this fun and flirty shade is known for brightening skin tones and whitening teeth. You can go more pink-shift, or purple-shift depending on your undertones and tastes!


  • Mauves – whether you hate the Kardashians, or love them, it is hard to deny that Kylie Jenner turned 2014 into the year of the mauve lip. She rocked mauves from brown to berry-toned that many people realized really complimented their skin. I have tried this look and absolutely loved it!
  • Nudes – A classic nude looks amazing, if you can find the right shade for your skin type! I recommend going two shades darker than your skin tone for the perfect “My Lips But Better” look.


Statement Eyes – yet another 2014 trend that reigned supreme year-round, from bold cat eyes to pops of fun and flirty color! But when it comes to New Years, I am a huge fan of rocking a metallic smokey look.

  • Smokey in Black – A smokey eye is great for drawing attention to your peepers, and tends to look amazing on everyone!
  • Smokey in Brown – Want to rock a more natural smokey eye? Try brown! Now only will this give you a more natural look, but it may be a great color compliment to your eyes. I have green eyes and find brown to be more statement making than black.
  • Classic Cat Eye – Not a fan of smokey eyes? Try a classic flick of your liquid eyeliner pen to achieve a gorgeous cat eye. This will help draw attention to and frame your peepers in a way that is just classic and beautiful.

Bold Brows – If you have yet to hop on the bold brow train, New Years Eve is a great time to start! Filling in your brows can really help to take your look to another level by framing your face and your eyes. I have seriously fallen in love with this trend, and how many of the stars have made it so acceptable for everyday wear!

Coordinate Your Colors – whether you want to go subtle or bold, coordinating your colors is a great way to make a statement. I have been a long time fan of matching my lipstick to my nails, my outfit to my eye shadow, and so on! Finding ways to coordinate can really help pull a look together for a look that is gorgeous, yet refined.

Smile For The Camera

SKINCARE BY ALANA | SUPERSMILE | SUPER SMILE | WHITE TEETH | WHITER TEETH | WHITENING PRODUCT | BEAUTIFUL SMILEIf there is one thing I no longer get self conscious about in photos anymore, it’s my teeth. Why, you ask? Because I have discovered a number of different products that take them to their best and brightest! For accomplishing white teeth in the long run, I recommend investing in a good oral health system. Two systems I cannot live without are my Pearl Brilliant White and my Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush Professional Whitening System.

For whitening on a dime, I highly recommend Supersmile Quickee Instant Whitening Polish. This product delivers immediate results for removing coffee stains, and even better results over time! I like to keep it in my purse for on-the-go, rinse-free whitening.

Hooray For Great Hair

There are a million and one ways to rock your hair on New Years Eve, but I want to share some of my favorites with you. These looks have been rocked by some of the hottest celebrities in 2014, who have set the bar high for gorgeous, healthy, and hip hairstyles.

Emma-Roberts-ELLE-Canada-June-2014-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-TLO-1Wear it Short – Many celebs rocked a short ‘do’ in 2014, including Jenifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, and more! My favorite recent short-chop was done by the beautiful Emma Roberts, who went for an amazing, blunt bob.

reese11f-8-webWear it Medium – 2014 seems to have been the year of the “lob” . After seeing this look on many celebs, friends, and family members, I am convinced that this look would be gorgeous on anyone! Not too short, not too long. Just right. Though this trend started gaining more traction in 2014, Reese Witherspoon has been rocking it on-and-off for many years.

9-September-2011-567Wear it Long – I absolutely love long hair, simply because it is so versatile! You can year it up, down, in a bun, or to the side. You can even take it up in the back to appear short if you are a bit of a short hair commitment-phobe! Beyoncé spent the better part of 2014 rocking a gorgeous bob and pixie cut, but when it comes to long hair on New Years Eve, her long hair days are a great thing to aspire to! Break out the curling iron and hairspray to achieve this amazing look. Fabulous job Queen B!

Looking Fabulous On A Dime

If you are a busy person, you know how important it is to pull it together on a dime. New Years Eve is no exception, so I want to share some of my favorite quick-fix beauty tips with you!

Dry Shampoo – dry shampoo is your friend! If you are finding your hair a little too greasy, simply spray some on to bring your hair back to life. My hair typically tends to style best 12-24 hours of washing, so this is a must for me!

Wear All Black – black is always classy and versatile. No matter what shoes, makeup, or handbag you choose, you can rest assured that a black outfit would not clash. I have my go-to Little Black Dress that is perfect for New Years Eve, and many other occasions throughout the year.

Mascara + Lipstick = Perfection – If there are two makeup products I always have on me, it is mascara and lipstick. If you find yourself in a time crunch, simply swipe on these two essentials for a look that gorgeous and more on the natural side!

Selecting Your Signature Scent

I will be honest; I am not a ‘wear perfume every day’ kind of girl. Mostly because I simply forget! But when it comes to special occasions, I always like to have a take-along treat to have me smelling my very best. What is my favorite kind of take-along perfume, you ask? I am a huge fan of Tokyo Milk’s Fate and Fortune Roller Parfums. Not only are these perfumes easy to throw in my bag for reapplication, they also come in a variety of scents you simply could not find anywhere else! Bold, sexy, and edgy.

Avoiding A Hangover

OSMOSIS HANGOVER | HANGOVER HELPER | NEW YEARS EVE | DRINK RESPONSIBLY | SKINCARE BY ALANA | NEW YEAR | 2015If you plan on partaking in champagne or other spirits, it is so important to have a hangover plan in place! I have heard amazing things from family and friends about Osmosis Hangover Harmonized Water for clearing up the symptoms of a hangover. This formula is said to balance the body after over-consumption of alcohol to prevent hangovers before they even happen. You simply take some after drinking, then once more the morning after – how easy is that?!

I have tried many of the Osmosis Harmonized Waters and have loved them all, so I was not at all surprised to hear that this one was effective as well!


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