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Kate Hudson's Tips For Staying Hydrated

I absolutely love Kate Hudson, from comedy to drama to suspense, I think she is simply fabulous. And, of course, so is her skin! Kate recently revealed a couple of her essential beauty tips to People Style Watch, and I want to share those secrets with you! So, are you ready to hear Kate's tips for staying hydrated this summer?

Hydrated Inside & Out

Kate's first tip is to drink lots of water. Not only will this help keep your body healthy, it will also help keep your skin looking and feeling it's best as well. Many people underestimate the effects of simply consuming their 8 glasses each day. I'm sure you're wondering how drinking more water could possibly help your skin. First, the water is basically the vehicle that delivers vitamins and nutrients throughout the body. A high water intake can also help to boost your metabolism and keep your hunger at bay - meaning less guilty snacking and more nourishing hydration. When your body is hydrated, your skin is better hydrated, making is essential for keep your skin supple and young! Now, it is important to consider that you should be consuming water, not considering the water that makes up the base of your coffees or sodas. Those do not apply to your 8 glasses each day - ensure you up your water intake while decreasing your intake of other beverages.

What else helps Kate stay beautifully hydrated over the summer months? Epicuren Discovery's Aloe Vera Calming Gel. I am a huge fan of this product as it is calming, cooling, moisturizing, and nourishing. This is a product I use daily over the spring/summer months to help keep our skin calm and hydrated. Kate loves using it to "heal dry areas" and the fact that it "won't irritate sensitive skin". Way to go Kate! Epicuren is a fantastic choice for beautiful skin year-round.

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