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Introducing Advanced Mineral Makeup: A Guest Post by AMM Founder Annie Mayo

Those of you who know me, or follow my blog, know how much I love mineral makeup. I was especially excited to have the opportunity to bring Advanced Mineral Makeup on board here, and make it available to my lovely Beauty Mates! A little bit about the brand: Advanced Mineral Makeup is an ultra-refined, 100% natural mineral makeup line created by highly skilled Film Makeup Artist, Annie Mayo. I am pleased to have this guest blog post from founder Annie Mayo, introducing her fabulous product line to you all! Are you ready for it?

Introducing Advanced Mineral Makeup: A Guest Post by AMM Founder Annie Mayo

Many people ask me what sets Advanced Mineral Makeup apart from other brands, and I am always excited to share the answer with them! Unlike conventional makeup, AMM is anti-bacterial and does not contain talc, perfumes, parabens, dyes or preservatives, making it healthy for the skin and ideal for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, and sensitivity. The line includes: liquid mineral foundation, loose powder foundation, pressed powder compacts, perfecting concealer, makeup brushes, and blushes, eye shadows, and cream luminizers that are packaged in refillable eco-friendly palettes.

Available in a wide range of shades suitable for all skin tones and types, Advanced Mineral Makeup offers natural looking foundations and powders that require no touch ups. The Loose Powder Foundation is a four-in-one product, serving as a powder, foundation, concealer, and natural sunscreen while the Perfecting Concealer effectively combats dark circles and puffiness without appearing cakey or dry. The vegan formula of the Liquid Mineral Foundation is available in 7 lustrous shades and boosts the skin’s natural function by stimulating cell growth to rejuvenate tired skin. Also functioning as a four-in-one product, the Pressed Powder Compact is a foundation, concealer, and powder, and it also contains a natural sunscreen of zinc and titanium dioxide.

The Advanced Mineral Makeup shade finder (see infographic below) is a popular and quick way of identifying your skin tone! Match up your skin tone to one of these four beauties and the rest is easy! Treat your skin to a healthy beauty regimen by using mineral makeup and don’t forget, wear proper sunscreen.

Thank you, Annie!

advanced minerals makeup infographic

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