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Image Skincare Products - Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Image Skincare Products The world feel for Pippa's eyes in 2011

Image Skincare Products

Let's face the facts: Women want big beautiful eyes. And while I can't help you change the genes you were born with, I can help you cheat the system with the help of makeup using Image Skincare Products. Here are the tricks that work best.

  • Image Skincare Products Portable Eyelash Curler

    Curl Your Eyelashes
    Because of the angle of eyelashes, they will look short even if they're thick and long. You can curl your lashes before and or after applying mascara. If you're curling it after, make sure your mascara is dry. When applying mascara, apply one layer and wait ten to thirty seconds until it dries, then apply another coat or until you have the length you want. Do not just layer it like a cake, it needs to dry so it will hold another. Be sure to get the corners so it will make your eyes look even bigger. Model in a Bottle Eyelash Curler ($9) is easy to use and tiny enough for any makeup bag!

  • Image Skincare Products False Lash Look WITHOUT glue!

    False Eyelashes
    False eyelashes are exotic, amazing and can look natural if applied correctly. Click here for how to get it right! I love using Divaderme Lash Extender ($22.99 ON SALE)! It builds false fibers into my natural lashes without any messy glue disasters.

  • Eyeliner It is important how to apply eyeliner. Start at the outer corner of your top lid. To have maximum control, put your finger beside the outer corner of your eyelid and pull it toward your temple slightly, just enough to pull it taut. Make the line thinner as you approach the center of your eye. The eyeliner does not need to go all the way to the inner corner of your eye depending on eye shape; it should go just slightly past the center.
  • Eye Shadow
    Apply the lightest shade to your whole eye area. Start in the corner (near your tear duct and sweep it across to the outer part of your lid. Then start back in the inner corner and sweep up to your eyebrow and across to the outer part of your lid again. Need more help? Here's my favorite Tips for Eyeshadow Application. Don’t forget, lighter colors will make your eyes look bigger and darker colors will make your eyes look smaller.
  • I'd kill for Jen's gorgeous greens!
  • Keep Your Brows Manicured Beautifully shaped eyebrows is a MUST HAVE in my book! They draw attention to your eyes and give sharpness to your facial features. You can get the kind of eyebrow shape that you want by going to a beauty salon. Professional eyebrow shaping experts will give you that beautiful eyebrow that you’ve always wanted. Regular sessions with them will ensure that your eyebrow shape is always well-maintained and in the perfect style.

Popping poppers are hard to beat! They are right up there with a million dollar smile:) Let me know if you have any questions!

From so many requests, I have developed a special page on my shopping cart site skincarebyalana.com with a special page set aside for eye makeup I love, click here to see it.
Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!


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