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Hydrate Your Winter Skin!

Winter weather usually brings cardigans, cute boots and snuggles by the open fire. But there’s something the colder weather can bring that I’m not so happy about... Cracked, dry winter hands! Dehydrated, cracked hands are a common result of the winter season and the source of my embarrassment until I discovered a few amazing hand saving, moisturizing products. Without further delay, here are some of my favorite skin saving tips for winter!

dermalogica super rich repair | Skincare by Alana | Hydrate Your Winter Skin | Winter 2012 | Winter 2013 | Image Skincare | EpicurenMy favorite kick-starter moisturizing product is the Super Rich Repair from Dermalogica. Free of artificial fragrances and coloring - your skin is treated with the finest ingredients that will bring even the most dehydrated skin back to life and feeling hydrating. This rich moisturizing cream was designed to soothe, hydrate and protect your skin from the harsh weather elements.

Next up, I have Image Skincare’s Ageless Total Rejuvenating Hand Creme. Made with finest natural ingredients, The Ageless Total Rejuvenating Hand Creme will provide your skin with maximum levels of hydration as it works to additionally protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This 3-in-1 hand creme will replenish, protect and revive your skin!

Image Skincare Ageless Total Repair Hand Creme | Skincare by Alana | Hydrate Your Winter Skin | Winter 2012 | Winter 2013 | Dermalogica | EpicurenFinally, we have my go-to all time favorite hydrating product... Epicuren’s After Bath Moisturizer. Available in nine delectable scents, my personal favorite has to be their Kukui Coconut. Infused with Epicuren’s exclusive blend of Kukui Coconut and Macadamia oils, the Afterbath Moisturizer is made to please with it’s sensational hydrating formulation. The soothing, fragrant, light tropical scent will whisk you away to yesteryear’s summer vacation and you’ll forget about the frightfully cold winter weather. Your skin will be nourished and hydrated after using the Afterbath Moisturizer from head to toe!

Extra Tips for Hydration

Epicuren After Bath Moisturizer | Kuki Coconut |Image Skincare Ageless Total Repair Hand Creme | Skincare by Alana | Hydrate Your Winter Skin | Winter 2012 | Winter 2013 | Dermalogica | Epicuren

  • Opting to wear gloves/mittens after moisturizing your hands can help you further prevent cracked, dehydrated skin.
  • The alcohol in your hand sanitizer can also be a culprit to your dehydrated skin this winter so it's best to buy one that is alcohol free.
  • Running a humidifier during the cold months can help add moisture into the dry air caused by running the heater.
  • Super hot showers can faster strip your skin of it's moisture - instead opt for a quick warm shower.
  • Try to apply your chosen moisturizing product as soon as you step out of the shower to quickly lock in the moisture.


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